Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sins & Needles by Karina Halle

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5 surprising stars!
Momma's Review
So Sins & Needles was another one of my one-click pick ups that I had on my kindle forever.  I'm a sucker for tattoos, hot men and anything on sale....so put the 3 together and I bought it no questions asked!  When I decided to read it one weekend it was purely because I loved the cover and it caught my eye!  So lets say I was beyond happy to have found such an awesome book!  I loved the fact that it was based on locations that were close to me and belive it or not.....but I spend a LOT of time at the good ol' Avi Resort and Casino so imagine my surprise when my hidden gem ends up in a freaking awesome book!
The Story:
Sins & Needles by Karina Halle was such a well written story, in a sea of books that tend to follow the current trends it was a breath of fresh air!  Not only was it well written but it constantly kept me on my toes.  I'm a horrible reader because I'm always trying to stay one step ahead of the characters....trying to see where the story is going....but this story never went the way I thought. 
Camden McQueen
Ummmmmm I know I'm supposed to write about the hero here but all I can hear in my head is a sound that is something like Yummmmmmmy!  Camden is my perfect BBF, he's tattooed (and a tattooed artist), strong, masculine, protective, sexy and great in the sack!  And when you learn about his past it makes you want to snuggle up next to him and try to make it all better!
The Heroine:
Ellie Watt
After many rants about weak, virginal heroines I was so excited to meet Ellie.  She's spent her life on the run, jumping from scam to scam.  She's not shy, she's not coy and she doesn't take shit from anyone.  But at the same time you can totally relate to her and how she feels about an old friend from her past.
The Steam:
There were some really HOT scenes in Sins & Needles, like take a cold shower hot.  But at the same time the story was so involved and kept you so entertained you weren't just reading and waiting for the next sex scene!

The Cover:
I love this cover!  I normally don't like covers where you can see a face because it forces me to see a character that might not match up.  But the cover model was the perfect Ellie.  Not to mention I totally read this book based on the cover!

 Momma's Recommendation:
I highly recommend this book to ALL romance lovers.  There is romance, steam, suspense and drama!  It's the perfect package.
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  1. I love Sins &Needles and everything Karina writes. I especially love her Experiment in Terror series. I am obsessed with Dex and Pery!


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