Friday, August 9, 2013

Naughty Mafia Scavenger Hunt Teams and Authors

So by popular demand......and by demand I mean some pretty demanding ladies, here is an update on the current Authors involved in the Scavenger Hunt!  And a list of current teams....including the #Hashtags the teams will be using so they can follow along in the craziness!  If you haven't registered your team check out this -----> post for all the rules and how to sign up!

As of today we have the following authors who are acting as scavenger hunt items....this means that teams will have to do something to them ,with them or have something done by them!
Emily Snow
Madeline Sheehan
Jenn Sterling
Jillian Dodd
Heidi McLaughlin
Aleatha Romig
Nacole Stayton
Kimberly Knight
Toni Aleo
Lisa M. Harley
Kahlen Aymes
Erin Noelle
Raine Miller
Gina L. Maxwell
Gail McHugh
AL Jackson
Erika Ashby
Megan Smith
Kendall Ryan
Michelle Valentine
Lisa Paul
K.A. Linde
Kelli Maine
Julia Prestsater

If you are an author or know of an author who wants to participate as a scavenger item PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP!!! I am working on the final list this weekend!
And now for the Teams! Some of these are pretty fucking hilarious!

CVchics     #CVchicks
Augustyn's Angels     #Augustynsangels
Love Those Books     #LoveThoseBooks
Hot Tamales     #HotTamales
Fifty Shades of Pink     #50ShadesOfPink
Love Between the Sheets       #ReadLoveLust
Book Mommas     #BookMommas
Team Book Whores     #TeamBookWhores
Book'n and Hook'n     #BookBabes
The Scavenger-Cunts     #Cunt
Bridger Bitches     #BridgerBitchesDoVegas
Sexy Kinky Adventurous Dolls     #SKADS
4Play     #FourPlay
Team HBIC     #TeamHBIC
Naughty Lovers     #Lovers
Up the BUTT-er Pecan     #UptheBUTTerPecan
Menage A Quad     #MenageAQuad
She-Wolfpack     #HotHotties
Vegas Vixens     #VegasVixens
Cuatro'Hos     #Cuatro'Hos
Dirty birdies      #DirtyBirdies
Bookalicious Babes     #BadAss

SCAVENGER HUNT NEWS!!!!! There has been a small rule change! Because a few teams have been unable to get a 4th member we have adjusted the rules. Going forward you may have teams of either 3 or 4!'re team will only win gift cards based on the number of members registered. IE: If you only have 3 members your will only receive 3 gift cards if you are one of the 3 winning teams. Now....this is actually good news. order to make it fair this means that any giftcards that don't get used for the 3 winning teams because of lack of team members will get passed down to the next teams. For instance. If we only give 11 cards to the top 3 teams then the 12th card will be given to the 4th place team to divide equally. Does that make sense?

Thanks to everyone who has signed up so far!  I can't wait to see the crazy things you come up with. 

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