Want to review with Momma Romance?

When I started this blog it was just to help spread the word about the books I loved but as things have progressed I am getting more and more review requests and I just can't keep up! I am actively looking for a few fun kittens to help out with reviews and blog tours as they come up! Each reviewer would be asked to review 2 book minimum per month to be active as a contributor. I'm crazy, sassy and have a horribly foul mouth......do you think you can keep up with Momma Romance?
*Each reviewer must have experience writing spoiler free and recommendation positive reviews.  We have a zero spoiler policy at Momma Romance.  Also, we don't bash authors or books.  If a book doesn't earn a 3 star or higher we just don't review it! 
If you would like to apply to become a reviewer please send the following information to mommaromance@gmail.com

- Name
- Facebook or twitter link
- Link to your reviews (goodreads, amazon or B&N)
- Your top 5 books of all time
-Do you have a netgalley account or are you willing to get one.
-Tell me about you & why you want to review with Momma Romance!

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