Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blog Tour: Illicit Intent by Tina Donahue

Available June 7th, Pre-Order now from Elloras Cave

What’s your wildest erotic wish?
For Piper, that’s easy. Two Alpha males who ravish her like marauding pirates and find her curves beyond luscious. She knows her type isn’t for every man…certainly not Guy and Joel, right? Guy’s tall, dark and sinfully virile. Joel’s blond and bronzed. They’re freaking gods, escorts her friend hired so Piper’s thirtieth birthday is unforgettable with the bondage and submission she’s fantasized about. Carnal games that awaken Piper’s sensuality, while her voluptuous figure and sweet vulnerability fuels both men’s animal hunger.
One evening of decadent pleasure isn’t enough. Piper aches to perform ménage acts with them for agency clients who like curvy women. A wicked idea, except for her family’s ties with law enforcement, the threat of exposure. Is it worth the risk?
Hell yeah. By day, she’ll be good. During their wanton acts, the three of them will explore their growing bond as they’re very, very bad…
“What’s your fantasy about?” he coaxed.
She swallowed and closed her eyes.  
To gain strength to answer? He wasn’t about to ask. Acting on pure impulse, Guy slanted his  mouth over Piper’s, liking how her breath caught then rushed out as he slipped his tongue between her precious lips.
Her mouth was loose beneath his, exquisitely soft, its heat welcomed. She tasted of something crisp and refreshing, toothpaste perhaps, and the champagne she’d had. She surrendered to him as though she had no will to do otherwise.
He deepened their kiss, sweeping his tongue over hers. Tentatively, Piper responded as though testing his response. Guy would have bet several years of his life that she was more concerned about his pleasure than her own.
That wouldn’t do. Tonight was hers. No matter what it took, he’d make it the most memorable she’d ever known, giving her what that jerk Kevin couldn’t or wouldn’t.
 Guy explored Piper’s mouth with great tenderness, taking his time, enjoying her pleased sigh. To him, kissing was the most intimate thing a man and a woman could do. It bared the soul and reached the heart far more easily than sex ever could. That was about lust. This was about being close, telling another person—without the hassle of words—that they mattered. They were special. You liked them.
Piper rested her hand on the side of his neck and ran her forefinger over his ear, then eased a lock of his hair back. She made the small gesture seem as though she was taking care of him as she’d tried to do with the drink.
Her effortless generosity spiked Guy’s arousal more than he’d expected, far greater than he could resist. His gentleness became a memory, his need and hers all that mattered. He worked his hand beneath Piper’s hair and cupped the back of her neck, then lost himself in the moment. Impassioned. Reckless.
They made sounds that betrayed their excitement, the spark of desire burning bright within each of them.
Guy felt it in Piper’s hunger for him, his undeniable craving for her as a desirable woman, someone to be valued.
At last, he needed a breath, sensing she felt the same. Ending their kiss—the first of many tonight—he eased back.
Her flushed skin was several shades darker than her natural color, proving again she’d enjoyed their brief intimacy. Slowly, she opened her eyes. They were dazed with lust, her caution gone.
Guy teased, “Did your fantasy include more than that?”
“Oh yeah,” she breathed, her lips still wet with him and slightly bruised from his passion. “Lots and lots.” She paused to take in more air. “You can’t even imagine.”
He fought another smile. He’d seen and done it all, though never with someone so sincere and vulnerable. Somehow, that made Guy want to devour Piper, while also protecting her. A curious mixture of emotions he wasn’t about to explore.
“Like what?” Joel asked.
Guy suddenly remembered his buddy. So did Piper. She regarded Joel’s fingers stroking the heavenly swells of her breasts. Those luscious mounds wiggled prettily with her heightened breathing.
Damn, she was lush, her body ripe the way a woman’s should be. No bony, haute-couture contours that only a high-fashion designer might covet. She was a woman built for a man, her curves a welcomed sanctuary.
“Tell us,” Guy prodded.
With her attention darting from him to Joel and back, Piper mumbled, “I’m your, ah…”
“What?” he asked at her pause.
She covered her face with her hand, then peeked through her splayed fingers. “God, I can’t say it.”
“Sure you can.” Joel brushed her hair aside and nuzzled her neck.
Her hand fell to her lap. She moaned shamelessly.
Guy went to one knee again and eased her skirt above her panties, the same red shade as her dress. A birthday girl dressed in her Friday best, just waiting to be unwrapped, like a longed-for gift. Pulling in a deep breath to settle himself, he stroked the lingerie’s lacy edge.
Piper whimpered, then blurted, “I’m your sex slave. I have to do whatever you two say, everything both of you want, or else.”
“Or else what?” Guy asked.
She made a strangled sound that sounded embarrassed yet aroused.
Joel stopped suckling her neck and kissed her cheek. “We punish you?”
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About The Author

Tina Donahue is an award-winning, bestselling novelist in erotic, paranormal, contemporary and historical romance for Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave, and Kensington. Booklist, Publisher’s Weekly, Romantic Times and numerous online sites have praised her work. Three of her erotic romances (Adored, Lush Velvet Nights, and Deep, Dark, Delicious) were named finalists in the 2011 EPIC competition. The French review site, Blue Moon reviews, chose her erotic romance Sensual Stranger as their Book of the Year 2010 (erotic category). The Golden Nib Award at Miz Love Loves Books was created specifically for Lush Velvet Nights, and two of her titles (The Yearning and Deep, Dark, Delicious) received an Award of Merit in the RWA Holt Medallion competition (2011 and 2012). Take Me Away and Adored both won second place in the NEC RWA contest (different years). Tina is featured in the 2012 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market. She was the editor of an award–winning Midwestern newspaper and worked in Story Direction for a Hollywood production company.
Email: tina(at)tinadonahue.com
Website/blog: www.tinadonahue.com
Find more tour stops and possible backlist choices for the giveaway at:

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Guest Post and Blog Tour: The Hazards of Skinny Dipping by Alyssa Rose Ivy

It seems like it's been forever since we've had a guest post on Momma Romance so when I was asked to do the blog tour for The Hazards of Skinny Dipping by Alyssa Rose Ivy I figured a guest post was in order!  I asked Alyssa what her 5 favorite books were.....see below for her post!

Available now on Amazon
**Grab it today while it's on sale for Memorial Day for just 0.99**
This isn't a deep book about first loves or self-discovery. If you want a book like that, I'd be happy to recommend one, but I don't have that kind of story to tell. Instead my story is about rash decisions and finding out that your dream guy is bad in bed. It's the story of when I finally went skinny dipping, and how my life was never the same again. Oh, and it's also the story of my freshman year of college and realizing Mr. Right might have been there all along.
Alyssa Rose Ivy's 5 favorite books:

Moby Dick by Herman Melville
I fell in love with this book in High School. It was just one of those books that really got under my skin. Melville captures obsession like no one else.  You feel the emotion even though it's a book that takes place almost entirely on a whaling ship. It’s one of those books I’ve reread a lot.

 Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen  
I will never get tired of reading about Elizabeth and Darcy. I'm a huge Jane Austen fan, and this is my favorite of hers. The characters are just so real—and it’s a classic story that so many other books and movies are based off of.

Fablehaven by Brandon Mull
I love this entire series. I love the fantasy, and the brother-sister relationship. I also love how Brandon Mull ties together the whole series. He’s so good at dropping little hints that make complete sense later on.

Flat-out love by Jessica Park
This is my favorite New Adult book. I read it right when it was released, and it was one of the books that inspired me to try writing in the NA category. A fantastic twist and characters that leap off the page make this a must read.

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
More than any other book, this one made me fall in love with the art of storytelling and fantasy. My father used to make up stories based on it, and I read it myself as soon as I could. I love the world building and it’s such a good adventure.

About the Author

Alyssa Rose Ivy is a New Adult and Young Adult author who loves to weave stories with romance and a southern setting. Although raised in the New York area, she fell in love with the South after moving to New Orleans for college. After years as a perpetual student, she turned back to her creative side and decided to write. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and two young children, and she can usually be found with a cup of coffee in her hand.

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Come Undone by Jessica Hawkins

Available Now on Amazon and B&N

Momma's Rating
3.5 Sexy David Dylan Stars
Ok.....so can I tell you a secret?  Do you promise to keep it just between us? ................
Ok, so I have a bit of a soft spot for Taboo romance! 
What?????  You're not surprised?  Well ok then....back to business.
Momma's Review
*Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*
On the actual scale of Taboo, Come Undone is more on the light side of things.  It is about a heroine being tempted to cheat on her husband, and for some this is a big turnoff when choosing a book.  But that said the book was well written and was more about the angst between characters and the internal struggle of the heroine when faced with a sexy, domineering man in comparison to her "safe" husband.  I really liked this book and found that once the main story really got moving I couldn't put it down.  I did however have a bit of a time getting through the first few chapters.  I walked away for a week and started again from scratch and was able to get through it in two evenings.  I wasn't expecting it to be a cliffhanger with such a new author but was thankful that the 2nd book is coming out this month.........that was until I found out there is a 3rd book in the works!  I'm reading the second book, Come Alive, this week so I'll keep you updated!
The Heroine:
Olivia Germaine
Olivia is the play it safe kind of girl.  After seeing her parents go through a horrible divorce she chooses to settle down with the safe choice and thinks she's happy.  Until she meets David Dylan and she feels things for him that a married woman shouldn't.  I liked her as a heroine, she wasn't particularly annoying but she did make some decisions that made me scream WTF ARE YOU DOING!!! 
The Hero:
David Dylan
Oh my crap!  David Dylan is HOT and pushy!  I know I should be calling him an ass for pursuing a married women...........but he's so yummy it's hard to stay mad for long, and he does try to stay away from her so he gets brownie points for that too. He's rich, confident and just enough alpha male to make him totally swoon worthy.

The Steam:
 There is some very smexy parts of this book but the best part is the angst.....will they do it, will they wont????  It had me holding my breath ......but I don't want to spoil the book....you have to read it to see what happens!
The Cover:
I liked this cover, I wasn't totally in love with it.  But it definitely grabbed my attention when I was looking at a screen full of covers.
I can easily recommend this book to anyone who is looking for an angsty sexy read.  If cheating in books is a turn off for you then I would suggest not reading, but if you're up for anything like I am then I say go and grab it! 
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Working it by Kendall Ryan Cover Reveal

Have you seen the cover yet for Working it by Kendall Ryan?  Holy crap it's hot.......can someone find out who that cover model is.....Cause I totally want to pinch his tush!


Expected Release Date:
August 5, 2013

Add it to you TBR now!


A New Adult Romance from New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Kendall Ryan.
Straight-laced Emmy Clarke’s assistant job at the modeling agency provides her with one distinct perk – getting to watch pretty mancandy parade around all day. But having to work under the ultra-bitchy, ultra-British Fiona Stone barely makes it worth it. Emmy enjoys looking, but she’s not stupid enough to fall for one of the tempting specimens. Especially not rising star Ben Shaw. 
Ben is everything Emmy’s not: well-traveled, highly paid and exquisitely gorgeous. He’s also got more issues than Vogue. Against her better judgment to get involved, Emmy’s southern roots kick in, and whenever he’s on set, she makes sure he’s treated well and looked after. But she refuses to become one of the pathetic groupies lusting after him, and soon Ben’s drawn toward her refreshingly real attitude.  
Against the backdrop of fashion shows in NYC, Paris and Milan, their casual flirting turns into more, and they embark on a journey of sexual discovery. But when Ben’s twisted past is uncovered, it threatens both their relationship and careers as the bitter Fiona digs her claws in, unwilling to let her golden boy go without a catfight.
Filled with passion, jealousy and heart-thumping sex, Working It is the tale of falling for a supermodel.

About the Author

Kendall Ryan is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the contemporary romance novels HARD TO LOVE, UNRAVEL ME, MAKE ME YOURS and RESISTING HER.  She's a sassy, yet polite Midwestern gal with a deep love of books, and a slight addiction to lipgloss.


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Monday, May 20, 2013

Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Available Now at Amazon, B&N and Kobo
4.5 Hot MadDog Maddox Stars
 Momma's Review
The Story:
 When I heard about this sequel I was so freaking excited.  I mean seriously, what could be better than more Travis "MadDog" Maddox!  Sigh......Travis............ok back to the review!  So here is where you need to pay attention, because this is what has been a hang up by many readers....Walking Disaster is LITERALLY the Travis POV of Beautiful Disaster.  It mirrors the story very close, like so close I've heard you can match some of the pages.  But that is exactly what I was expecting so I was excited by the entire thing!  We are able to see the reasons behind some of Travis' reactions and the through process that went behind some of my favorite scenes in Beautiful Disaster.  And the Prologue, oh holy hell Jamie McGuire.....I was in complete tears!

The only reason that I knocked off 1/2 of a star was because I was hoping that there would be more of Travis without Abbie.  More lead in scenes from his POV and more background to things that I found important in the first book.  There were also 2 scenes that I was REALLY looking for in his POV but kind of got skipped over.
The Heroine:
Abby Maddox
 What can I say about Abby!  She is one of my favorite heroines because she reminds me of me at that age.  And Trav is totally a guy that I would have fallen head over heals for.  She's trying to hide from her past by being someone she isn't but it doesn't last very long.  Under her fake persona she's tough and willing to go to bat for the people she loves.  In this POV you don't see as much of that but it's still a standout
The Hero:

Travis "Mad Dog" Maddox
Ok.....so I love strong, Alpha Males.....like really, really, really, really love them!  The thing about Travis is that he really isn't an Alpha in the normal sense and I think it's because of his age.  He's more of a cocky, take no prisoners, too hot for his own good Bad Ass....but it works for his character.  He's young and stupid, fights like a beast and loves women! 

The Steam:
So there wasn't much steam in the book....it was more about the angst.  The back and forth between Travis and Abby is great, the dialogue is fun but at times I wanted to scream.....just have sex already!   
The Cover:
I love the cover of this book.  It's a great play off the cover for Beautiful Disaster and who can resist a sexy body like that!

I recommend this book to all Romance Novel lovers.  Just please.....don't read Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster back to back!  The best part was remembering all the things from the first book while reading the second!

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Blog Tour Review: Off Limits by Sawyer Bennett

Available from Amazon
Momma's Rating
3 Sweet Stars
“There is a vulnerability there, hovering just below the surface. And I want to pick at it until I expose it. Then I want to kiss it."

Two years ago, Emily Burnham, had an epiphany about the shallowness of her life. And she made it her mission to become a different person…a better woman. Out from under the controlling thumb of her mother, Emily is tasting the real world for the first time. And she likes it.

Nixon Caldwell has served his time in the Marine Corps, surviving two brutal tours in Afghanistan. He is back home, surrounded by what he likes best…isolation. It's certainly the best way to avoid confrontation of the consuming guilt that is weighing him down.

When an accident brings Emily and Nix together, he soon learns he is not the master of his own fate. Struggling with his own pain, Nix tries to guard himself against Emily’s charms. He wants her in his bed, but he doesn’t want her in his heart.

Having grabbed life by the horns, Emily wants it all. But is she willing to accept just the small part of himself that Nix is offering? Can she reach the part of his soul that he has deemed to be Off Limits?
Momma's Review
*Disclaimer: I received a copy of Off Limits from the author in return for an honest review*
When I received Off Limits I wasn't sure what to expect and while Off Sides had been on my TBR for quite some time I unfortunately hadn't had a chance to read it.  Thankfully, while it is the 2nd book in the series, I never felt like I was lost while reading the story.  Sawyer Bennett did a great job at subtily telling the previous characters story while still sticking to the main theme of the book.
I throughouly enjoyed Off Sides and really grew to like Nix and Emily and the sex scenes were pretty hot too!  I would easily recommend this to any of my readers who are looking for a sweet, sexy read with minimal drama and no cliffhanger!
About the Author:

Sawyer Bennett is the pen name for a snarky southern woman and reformed trial lawyer who decided to finally start putting on paper all of the stories that were floating in her head. She is married to a mobster (well, a market researcher) and they have two big, furry dogs who hog the bed. Sawyer would like to report she doesn't have many weaknesses but can be bribed with a nominal amount of milk chocolate.
Author Social Media Links:


Thanks to AToMR for hosting a great Blog Tour!

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Unbeautifully by Madeline Sheehan

*Warning.....if you've read any of Madeline Sheehan books....or my reviews of her books for that matter....than you'll understand this warning.  If words like ShitGodamnMotherFucker bother you......then stop reading now!*

6 Amazing Fucking Stars
Momma's Review:
So this is where I normally write a quick review of the story in general....haha not this time!
I am so in LOVE with Madeline Sheehan right now, ok....it's been this way for awhile.....I can admit it.  Pretty much since I finished reading Undeniable a few months ago, but fuck it! 
I was so unbelievably excited when I found out that Unbeautifully was going to release a whole 3 weeks early, I mean really what kind of needy cunt just goes and does that?  Madeline Fuckin Sheehan...that's who!  How excited was I......when I woke up and found out it was going live I spent the ENTIRE morning hitting the refresh button on amazon waiting.  And then it went live and I sulked all afternoon and evening because I couldn't read until the wee ones were in bed for the night!
And then it happened, I finally snuck off to read Unbeautifully.  From the very first words I was sucked right back into the story, like my brain hadn't forgotten a moment of Undeniable and I jumped right to where I needed to be.  I literally held my breath the entire prologue and only noticed I was doing it when my heart started beating erratically.   
Now here is where the review gets hard, because I totally want to sit here and just go on and on and on about the entire story, but if I do that then you won't even have to read it.  So I'll be selective! 
The Story: 
I have no idea how Madeline Sheehan writes like she does.  She must have been president of a motorcycle gang in her previous life because it's just so damn perfect.  The characters are amazing and fit true to everything a MC should be, The relationships between the Hell's Horsemen is presented amazingly and you feel like you are right there with them.  Sitting at the bar between Blue and some club whore watching everything go down.  And the relationship between Danny & Ripper, oh holy hell.  The dialogue was hilarious, the sex was fucking HOT, the angst was quite literally gut wrenching....it was all together a perfect read.
The story picks up right where Undeniable left off but the most amazing part is that the book fills in so much of the years between the chapter end of Undeniable and the actual Epilogue end!  It was the most amazing surprise to finally find out what really happened in those years between Deuce and Eva.  Not to mention the fact that I had no idea how Madeline Sheehan was going to pull off a story about Danny & Ripper when the end of Undeniable shows Danny & ZZ together.  Especially since there was never a plan for a second book.  Somehow she took a glimpse from the end of one book and spins it into such an awesome and unexpected story.
The Heroine:
Danny West
I absolutely loved Danny!  She's young but not stupid or completely naive. She does take a bit of coaxing to step up to the plate, but what 18 year old faced with a MAN like Ripper wouldn't be a bit timid and shy.  She's been through hell after her life was turned upside down in Undeniable but as she grows she learns to take control of her body and her needs.  She's everything I love to see in a heroine.
The Hero:

Ok, so I thought that Deuce was my be all end all BBF.....but I may have been wrong!  Oh Ripper, you do things to me that..........oh....sorry...are you still here...ok where was I.  Ripper is amazing...pure and simple.  Well, ok, he's kind of an ass....but in a good way.  He's tough and scarred on the outside but just soft enough that he knows a good woman when he sees her.  Though he did seriously piss me off in this book...I ended up forgiving him in the end!

The Steam:
 Ok, so if you have to ask about the steam in this book you've obviously never read a book by Madeline Sheehan!  Because there is no steam in this book, just Lava HOT sex.  You know when you finally get the campfire hot enough that it stops smoking.....Exactly!  It's fast, it's slow, it's rough...*Faints*
The Cover:

I loved this cover, especially because it's not showing Rippers face.  He's a hard character to place so it helped me to not have to fit him into a mold.  And it's goes perfectly with the other covers in the series.


Do you like sex? Read this book
Every dreamt of running off with a Motorcycle Club? Read this book
Need something to spice up your sex life?  Read this fucking book!

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Claiming Lauren by Emily Ryan-Davis

Available now on Amazon and B&N
4 Surprising Stars
One night should have been enough.

Twenty-seven-year-old Lauren Brant is the perfect society wife. She hosts dinners for her husband's colleagues. She attends charity functions. She's entirely appropriate...except for her clawing need to submit to a man she knows only as Master.

Unable to deny her cravings, she arranges to meet Master. No names, no faces, nothing but submission and sensation. Except it isn't enough. Even before the night ends, Lauren needs more.

But "more" isn't part of the arrangement and she returns to her polished life only to discover her estranged husband has come home. After five years of being invisible to Jacob Brant, Lauren doesn't know what to do with him. He, however, knows exactly what to do with her...
Momma's Review:
*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

 I was totally surprised by Claiming Lauren!  I haven't read too many short stories but the ones I have had just been  95% sex.  The surprise came in the plot twist of this story.  It totally caught me off guard and was the perfect switch up for this book!  And at only $0.99 it is prices perfectly.  It is a great one sitting read with hot sex, bdsm and a hot hero!  The only thing I didn't like about this book is that I wish it was full length!  I liked it so much I didn't want it to end.
I recommend this to all Erotic romance lovers looking for a great story and a quick sexy read.

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I'm looking for a few good kittens!

I am totallt amazed by the amount of interest I've gotten from my facebook post about looking for guest reviewers!

That said I figured it would be easiest to explain on the blog where my word count was unlimited instead of locked into 100 characters or less!  So......here is what I'm lioking for.

I'm in need of 4 or 5 girls to be on my kitten review team!  Each kitten will be responsible to read & review one book per month from my stack of ARCs.  I am not looking to just give away books, I am looking for a commitment to work with me personally to make sure that authors are getting reviewed in a timely fashion.  And the right girls have to be funny, real and be able to handle me throwing the f word around rather often!

If you're still interested here is what my requirements are:

-Need to have some experience writing reviews for public consumption.  And be able to submit proof!  Send me a link to your goodreads or Amazon.
-must read & review one book per month.  Book will be chosen by me but we can work  together to find books that fit you!
-NO AUTHOR BASHING. I'm not ok with it and don't promote it.  This blog is for supporting authors and good books.
-be truthful.  I'm not looking for all 5 star reviews. 

If you think you can handle it then shoot me an email with the following info:

-reviewing experience
-Answer these questions:
     1. Why do you want to guest review
     2. Who is your favorite author?
     3. What is the best book and worst         book you've read this year?

Email to mommaromance (at) gmail.com

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!!!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Blog Tour Review: Over the Edge by Suzanne Carroll

3 Sweet Stars

**Disclaimer-I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**
In six weeks Zoe Harper will marry Dan Costi in an over-the-top Sydney society wedding, complete with fire-eaters and belly dancers. But when she receives an unexpected gift from her future mother-in-law, Zoe realizes she’s making a huge mistake. In a blazing sidewalk argument, she breaks up with her fiancé, and his mother—who has joined the fight via conference call.
Following the advice of friends and co-workers, along with some inspiration from late-night-television self-help guru Dr. Pam, Zoe sets out to find the life she thinks she should be living. Always a planner, she makes a list of goals: travel, career, tattoos, and no romantic entanglements. It’s all carefully laid out, until she meets Angus Creed.
Angus is supposed to lead the opening waltz at a charity ball in New York City. Only problem is the handsome billionaire construction magnate with the tabloid past can’t dance. Not one step.
Tainted by gossip and with a well-publicized failed engagement behind him, Angus has become a master at keeping an emotional distance. Until he meets Zoe.
What starts as dancing lessons, slowly becomes something more. Angus begins to let down his guard and open his heart, even when his past makes an unexpected and unwelcome return. As Zoe discovers the real man behind the headlines, she questions where her new choices are taking her. Her goals look good on paper, but are they what she really wants? And by the time she realizes where her heart lies, will it be too late?
Momma's Review
I wasn't sure what to expect with this book as I wasn't familiar with the author. But I'm very glad that I gave it a shot.  Suzanne Carroll gives us a sweet, well written book that had me sucked in from the first chapter.  And the Angst, oh holy crap the Angst in this book.  I was constantly on the edge of my seat just waiting to see if they would just admit their feelings already! 
The Story:
 First off, I wouldn't technically classify this book as "romance."  It more resembles "Chick Lit" but that said, I still really liked the story.  The story starts out with a sad, weak heroine who suddenly grows a pair and decides to change her life.  We then get to follow her on a crazy and sometimes silly journey to find herself and in the meantime finds the person she's been looking for all along.  The story is executed well but there are a few slow parts, especially at the very beginning.  Just remember that Zoe grows quickly and to not judge her to harshly at first.  The story is set in Australia but even for someone who has never visited the region I didn't feel like I was lost or missing out on anything because of it.  My serious draw back was the lack of actual romance.  About 75% through I was just about positive it was going to be a cliffhanger because there were so many loose ends.  But suddenly everything is wrapped up.....a little too quickly for my taste.......and I couldn't tell if I really liked the ending or if I was left wanting more.
The Heroine:
Amanda Seyfreid as Zoe Harper
Zoe and I had a love hate relationship at the beginning of this book.  She was a total doormat for the first bit and it was frustrating!  I yelled at the reader at least once for her to grow a pair!  But I am so thankful for the synopsis that the author released that pretty much said she finally grows up and decides to move on.  Once she finally blows up you can see her starting to grow, but doing it the wrong way.  It isn't until she can fully see herself that she can figure out, and what, and who, she really wants in life.
The Hero:
Chris Hemsworth as Angus Creed

Oh Angus Creed, you are one hot sexy CEO!  He's super tall, sexy and is learning to Waltz.....what's more sexy than that!  He's a hard ass, he knows what he wants and how to get it.  But I felt so bad for his past history.  The way he was treated by his ex-fiancé made my heart hurt for him but at the same time so perfectly explained why he acted the way he did.  Angus on just on the right side of cocky yet protective of his own heart and life.  But yes....I did yell at him once too ;)
The BFF:
Jo is an awesome character!  She's silly, caring and the right kind of pushy.  When Zoe needs her she doesn't hesitate to do everything she can to help her in any way, but she is also the one who starts to push her towards her wants right about the same time I started to yell at my ereader!  Almost like I had Jo ESP!

The Steam:
Ok, so this is where I lost a bit in this book. And also where I grew to love the book.  There is angst....and tons of it.  He looks at her....she looks at him....a simple brush of the hand at an opportune time.  But that's it for the steam.  Now....anyone who reads my reviews on a regular basis knows that I primarily read/review erotic or smutty novels.  But sometimes a change of pace is a good thing. 
The Cover:
I liked this cover.  I was a tiny bit thrown off by it when I first received the book.  But now that I've read it, it's the most perfect cover for this book!

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good love story.  Or to someone looking for a sweet, romantic book!  And yes, even to those of us Smexy book readers looking for a something a little different.  And the best part?  It's a stand alone book!!!!!!!


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About the Author:
Suzanne lives in Sydney with her husband and children.  By day she works in an office where she sneakily scribbles plot ideas on yellow sticky notes and hopes they don't accidentally end up on the departmental monthly report.
One such sticky note has turned into her first novel, Over the Edge.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Momma Romance Book Club!

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Meet me here------------------->   http://www.savorchat.com/chat/momma-romance-book-club and use password:   momma

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Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren

Available Now at Amazon and B&N
4.5 Voyeuristic Stars 
The Story:
 Wow!  I was totally anxious for this book to come out.  I loved Beautiful Bastard so I knew I was going to like this book.  But holy shit I didn't see this plot coming.  I won't spoil it for you but all scenes that start or end in clubs in this book are amazing!  It almost makes me want run out to NYC and pretend to be a 20something single girl (ok...not really in case my family is reading!).  The story line flows well in this book.  I  normally hate books that seem to jump right into sex but it's so well written that I really enjoyed it.  There was a small area where the story seemed to stall out towards the middle which is why it didn't quite reach 5 stars, but it quickly picked back up again!  And I do have to give an extra point to the writers as they did such a great job with the POV and keeping with the theme that our Hero was British.  I couldn't find one slip up where he didn't use the correct.

Beautiful Stranger is the second in the Beautiful Bastard series but it could easily be read as a stand alone.  There are hints to the first book, and if you don't read BB first you may miss a few of the inside jokes but it's doable.  But at the same time, don't deprive yourself of the awesomeness that is Bennett!
The Heroine:
 Sara Dillion

I had a love hate relationship with Sara in this book, but it was mostly love!  She breaks up with her cheating asshole of a fiance and moves to NYC to start over again.  She's strong, determined and feisty!  Everything I love in a heroine!  But somewhere she started to nag....the whole I like him but there is no way he can like me just got a bit redundant.  As you continue to read and you learn more about cheating asshole you start to see just how damaged she really was...and that starts to make up for it a bit. But yeah....I kinda loved her a bit!
The Hero:
Max Stella
Oh holy hell, Max Stella.....Will you marry me?  I mean........what...oh sorry I was staring at that picture!  Ok back to Max.  Christina Lauren did a great job with this one!  For one thing he's British and I love an accent so he already had a point but then he had to go and get all dirty mouthed and hot!  **Fans self, again for the 3rd time**  And I don't think I'll look at a camera the same way again ;)
The BFF:

I love the BFF's in this one because they are the one and only Chloe and Bennett!  And I love the little references to the first book!  They are funny, supportive and total freaking cute!

The Steam:

I wouldn't call this book steamy.....it is just plain HOT!  Sex against walls, sex in random places, sex on beds!  And the scenes are sexy, hot and pretty amazing.  This isn't a full Erotic novel where every other page is a sex scene but it's just the perfect amount of dirty talking smexiness (yes spellcheck..that is a word!). 
The Cover:

I loved this cover, it so perfectly matches my idea of Max Stella.  How he would stand, what he drinks, the shape of his face!  In a sea of covers that are all starting to look a lot alike this one stands out and grabs your attention.


I recommend this book to all my readers.  Anyone who loves a good story, a good sex scene or a hot piece of ass is going to love this book!

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Aprils already over?

Ok, how is April already over?  This year is going way to fast and there are too many good books to read, it almost makes me dizzy!

So I'm going to vent and maybe confess a little.......grab some popcorn!

This month I've discovered that my ADD is so much worse then I ever thought it was, especially now that I've discovered Twitter o.0 Holy shit what a time sucker that one is!  I finally had to take a step back and only use it for book related info.  Way too much Drama for my poor brain to handle....It was like trying to follow a shiny bubble in a room of shiny bubbles!

So I'm done with Twitter!!!
Well not really, I'm just using it for the Blog, pimping authors, keeping up with my blog buddies and sharing with you guys!  Other than that I'm off!, no more lurking around and watching drama....I think I can....I think I can! 
I'm really hoping that stepping back from all of that will really allow me to get back to reading more.  And keep up on reviews for heavens sake!
Now for the upcoming stuff!  I'm really excited for this month.  We are officially starting the Momma Romance Blog Book Club!  We are meeting twice a month and reading something off of my personal TBR pile, which for me is HUGE because I got in the bad habit of forgetting to actually read what I want.
Oh and just a caution!  I'm tired of being so damn PC about everything.  It's how I was raised, it was practically smashed into my brain at a very young age that girls don't act like "that."  Well you know what....fuck "that!"  I'm married, have 2 kids, 3 dogs and am doing well enough for a 30 something living in Southern California!  I'm done giving a damn about what everyone else thinks...So if you don't like curse words and smut then it's probably best that you don't follow me!  But this is a blog about smutty books so I'm hoping that you all are. already here for the fun stuff!
*And a Special Thanks to Madeline Sheehan for reminding me of that!*
The End!
Now for today's question..........How do you find time to do it all?  Do you give anything up so you can read?  Answer in the comments below

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