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Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren

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4.5 Voyeuristic Stars 
The Story:
 Wow!  I was totally anxious for this book to come out.  I loved Beautiful Bastard so I knew I was going to like this book.  But holy shit I didn't see this plot coming.  I won't spoil it for you but all scenes that start or end in clubs in this book are amazing!  It almost makes me want run out to NYC and pretend to be a 20something single girl (ok...not really in case my family is reading!).  The story line flows well in this book.  I  normally hate books that seem to jump right into sex but it's so well written that I really enjoyed it.  There was a small area where the story seemed to stall out towards the middle which is why it didn't quite reach 5 stars, but it quickly picked back up again!  And I do have to give an extra point to the writers as they did such a great job with the POV and keeping with the theme that our Hero was British.  I couldn't find one slip up where he didn't use the correct.

Beautiful Stranger is the second in the Beautiful Bastard series but it could easily be read as a stand alone.  There are hints to the first book, and if you don't read BB first you may miss a few of the inside jokes but it's doable.  But at the same time, don't deprive yourself of the awesomeness that is Bennett!
The Heroine:
 Sara Dillion

I had a love hate relationship with Sara in this book, but it was mostly love!  She breaks up with her cheating asshole of a fiance and moves to NYC to start over again.  She's strong, determined and feisty!  Everything I love in a heroine!  But somewhere she started to nag....the whole I like him but there is no way he can like me just got a bit redundant.  As you continue to read and you learn more about cheating asshole you start to see just how damaged she really was...and that starts to make up for it a bit. But yeah....I kinda loved her a bit!
The Hero:
Max Stella
Oh holy hell, Max Stella.....Will you marry me?  I mean........what...oh sorry I was staring at that picture!  Ok back to Max.  Christina Lauren did a great job with this one!  For one thing he's British and I love an accent so he already had a point but then he had to go and get all dirty mouthed and hot!  **Fans self, again for the 3rd time**  And I don't think I'll look at a camera the same way again ;)
The BFF:

I love the BFF's in this one because they are the one and only Chloe and Bennett!  And I love the little references to the first book!  They are funny, supportive and total freaking cute!

The Steam:

I wouldn't call this book is just plain HOT!  Sex against walls, sex in random places, sex on beds!  And the scenes are sexy, hot and pretty amazing.  This isn't a full Erotic novel where every other page is a sex scene but it's just the perfect amount of dirty talking smexiness (yes spellcheck..that is a word!). 
The Cover:

I loved this cover, it so perfectly matches my idea of Max Stella.  How he would stand, what he drinks, the shape of his face!  In a sea of covers that are all starting to look a lot alike this one stands out and grabs your attention.


I recommend this book to all my readers.  Anyone who loves a good story, a good sex scene or a hot piece of ass is going to love this book!

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