Thursday, May 2, 2013

Aprils already over?

Ok, how is April already over?  This year is going way to fast and there are too many good books to read, it almost makes me dizzy!

So I'm going to vent and maybe confess a little.......grab some popcorn!

This month I've discovered that my ADD is so much worse then I ever thought it was, especially now that I've discovered Twitter o.0 Holy shit what a time sucker that one is!  I finally had to take a step back and only use it for book related info.  Way too much Drama for my poor brain to handle....It was like trying to follow a shiny bubble in a room of shiny bubbles!

So I'm done with Twitter!!!
Well not really, I'm just using it for the Blog, pimping authors, keeping up with my blog buddies and sharing with you guys!  Other than that I'm off!, no more lurking around and watching drama....I think I can....I think I can! 
I'm really hoping that stepping back from all of that will really allow me to get back to reading more.  And keep up on reviews for heavens sake!
Now for the upcoming stuff!  I'm really excited for this month.  We are officially starting the Momma Romance Blog Book Club!  We are meeting twice a month and reading something off of my personal TBR pile, which for me is HUGE because I got in the bad habit of forgetting to actually read what I want.
Oh and just a caution!  I'm tired of being so damn PC about everything.  It's how I was raised, it was practically smashed into my brain at a very young age that girls don't act like "that."  Well you know what....fuck "that!"  I'm married, have 2 kids, 3 dogs and am doing well enough for a 30 something living in Southern California!  I'm done giving a damn about what everyone else thinks...So if you don't like curse words and smut then it's probably best that you don't follow me!  But this is a blog about smutty books so I'm hoping that you all are. already here for the fun stuff!
*And a Special Thanks to Madeline Sheehan for reminding me of that!*
The End!
Now for today's question..........How do you find time to do it all?  Do you give anything up so you can read?  Answer in the comments below

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