Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Broken by Christa Cervone

Will be available on February 28th, 2013!

My Rating:
4 Stars
According to Webster’s Dictionary the definition of the word Broken is violently separated into parts. SHATTERED.

Yup, that pretty much sums me up. How do I handle things? I find my answers at the bottom of a bottle of Tequila and sleep with random men.

How did I get this way? Well, four years ago I made a decision that cost me the love of my life. I can't undo what I did to drive Garrett out of my life. I haven't seen or heard from him in four long years. But he still haunts me in my dreams or should I call them nightmares at this point? No matter how much booze I drink and how many men I sleep with, nothing fills the void. I feel like I am existing but I’m not really living.

I’m trying to get my life back on track. Well that was until. . . . Garrett walked back into my life. His reappearance threw me into another tailspin.
How do I put the pieces of our broken hearts back together? All before he walks out of my life again... this time for good. Or am I simply destined to just be Broken?
 My Review:

*disclaimer, I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review*

Christa Cervone did a great job on her first novel and I was pleasantly surprised! I'm always a bit hesitant to read first time authors because I have a tendency to scrutinize everything to the max. That said I was excited that I didn't have many complaints at all. Besides the occasional "his love is a drug and I'm an addict" type cliches it was a great read.

The way that the book is set up you get to feel for the heroine almost immediately and the beginning scenes are pretty hot! Then you get to the roller coaster ride and its so much fun. I was literally holding my breath at points and giggling at others, not to mention a few gasps that had Mr. Man wondering what the hell I was doing instead of folding the laundry.

I easily recommend this book to anyone with a love of all romance novels, there are steamy sex scenes, but this isn't an erotic romance, and lots of swoon worthy moments!  I am looking forward to reading everything that Christa Cervone puts out in the future!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Love Unscripted by Tina Reber

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble
My Rating:
5 Awesome Stars!
Overview from
An A-List Movie Star…
Ryan Christensen just wanted to be an actor. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine a life where fans would chase him, paparazzi would stalk him, and Hollywood studios would want to own him. While filming in Seaport, Rhode Island, Ryan ducks into a neighborhood bar for a quick escape from legions of screaming fans…and finds much more than he expected.

A Small Town Girl…
Nursing a recent heartbreak, Taryn Mitchell believes men are best kept at a safe distance. But when Ryan Christensen unexpectedly bursts through the front door of her pub, she can’t help but be drawn in by his humor, charm, and undeniable good looks. At six foot two, with dirty blond hair, blue eyes, and an incredible body, Ryan has every girl in Seaport swooning. But Taryn isn’t every other girl.

A Relationship that Doesn’t Follow the Script…
Despite her better judgment, Taryn soon finds herself falling hard for Ryan. But is their bond strong enough to survive the tabloid headlines, the relentless paparazzi, and the jealous fans who seem determined to tear them apart?

My Review:
I absolutely LOVED this book!  The kind of love that makes it impossible to stop reading so you stay up wayyyyyyy past your bedtime and forget to change the laundry over! I found myself practically itching to get back to my kindle, and believe it or not I was getting places early so I could just sit in the car and read! And wow, the hangover I've got from this one is pretty high up on the hangover scale for 2013! 
My favorite part of this book was the length.  576 pages can seem a bit intimidating but it was the perfect length for this one.  Most of the books I've read lately seemed to read way too fast, like there was so much information being thrown at me that I actually found myself reading faster to keep up.Tina Reber was able to give me the time to get completely submersed in all of the characters, even the small ones.  I felt like I knew most of them like close friends, so much so that I actually gasped a few times because I was so invested in every movement of every character.
The twists in the book are around every corner!  While there were a few times that I wanted to scream at Taryn to just get over it all ready I was able to look past it because really, I would do the EXACT same thing if ever had the chance......sigh!!
I can easily recommend this book to all romance readers.  It is a classic love story with great drama and a great ending!  I laughed, giggled, cried and yelled...a perfect combination!
Favorite Quotes:
“So... am I to understand that you're mine"" I asked teasingly.
"I can be yours if you want me to be, Taryn," he whispered.”
― Tina Reber, Love Unscripted
“There's only one thing I need." I placed my hand on his heart. "The rest is just details.” 
― Tina Reber, Love Unscripted 
“Do I have to make a poster and scream Ryan, Ryan?" I kidded.
"The only time I want to hear you scream my name is when I'm making love to you. Although you did call me God the other night. That's acceptable, too.” 
― Tina Reber, Love Unscripted

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Fetish Box (Parts 1 & 2) by Nicole Camden

Part 1 Available now, Part 2 Available March 4th, 2013
My Rating:
1 Star
Virginal twenty-two-year-old Mary has just inherited a sex shop in Florida from her mother. After a long drive from California, she arrives at her deceased mother’s house only to be confronted immediately with two equally sexy strangers: the strong, silent John and the irreverent, taunting Max. She’s innocent, almost completely untouched, but feels a completely uncharacteristic pull to each man. Shocking even herself, she realizes it’s not an unwelcome desire.

Max is a playboy who knows how to give women what they want, but John… John might just be able to give Mary something even she doesn’t know she needs…
My Review:
*Disclaimer: Ebooks provided by publisher via Netgalley in return for a Honest Review*
This is probably the most frustrating book series I have ever read!  To start, the book is broken down into a series of short books when in reality it should have been 1 novel.  It may have actually been a 2 or 3 star review if it had been but I was so angry about the greed involved in breaking a book up like this that I was seeing red.  In reality the readers are being forced to pay for a book 3 times over just to get some semblance of a conclusion. 
Now for the review of the actual story.  The original idea of the book had the chance to be something great if not epic.  Small town virgin inherits her estranged mothers sex shop.  There are so many ways that the story could have gone but n, it just went wrong.  Like a slow motion train wreck......I knew I should look away but I couldn't.  I just sat there slack jawed and let it happen before me!  Know that I LOVE erotica and erotic romance novels.  The feelings I had were not because the sex was "too much."  It was just all wrong! 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

Available February 12, 2013 at Amazon and Barnes & Noble
My Rating:
4 Stars
Overview from
An ambitious intern. A perfectionist executive. And a whole lot of name calling. Discover the story that garnered more than two million reads online.

Whip-smart, hardworking, and on her way to an MBA, Chloe Mills has only one problem: her boss, Bennett Ryan. He’s exacting, blunt, inconsiderate—and completely irresistible. A Beautiful Bastard.

Bennett has returned to Chicago from France to take a vital role in his family’s massive media business. He never expected that the assistant who’d been helping him from abroad was the gorgeous, innocently provocative—completely infuriating—creature he now has to see every day. Despite the rumors, he’s never been one for a workplace hookup. But Chloe’s so tempting he’s willing to bend the rules—or outright smash them—if it means he can have her. All over the office.

As their appetites for one another increase to a breaking point, Bennett and Chloe must decide exactly what they’re willing to lose in order to win each other. Originally only available online as The Office by tby789—and garnering over two million reads on fan fiction sites—Beautiful Bastard has been extensively updated for re-release
My Review:

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this ebook from the publisher via Netgalley for an honest review*

Let me just start by saying that I loved this book!  I read it in two sittings, but only because I was overcome by exhaustion at 2am and fell asleep with my head on my kindle.  As soon as Monkey was back at school the next morning I was right back into it.
The relationship between Chloe and Bennett was intriguing and a classic Love/Hate relationship with neither one of them wanting to admit what they feel for each other.  The story is well written and the sex is steamy!  One of my favorite things about the book was that Chloe is a strong heroine.  She's not the basic, naive virginal girl that so many books are working with lately.  She is smart, strong and gives it as good as she gets.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of a sexy alpha male, a strong heroine and sex in the workplace!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Platinum by Jeffe Kennedy

Available February 25, 2013 on Amazon and B&N

My Rating:

Overview from
Althea Grant's Charleston gallery might be suffering from the bad economy, and her artistic aspirations have gone nowhere, but she's doing just fine, thank you. When bad-boy sculptor Steel rides up on his motorcycle looking to rent studio space, his infusion of cash is more than welcome. But his art is raw, visceral, sexual—and completely inappropriate for her pastel world of watercolor landscapes.

Steel, fascinated by Althea's rare albino coloring, sees in her the key to his next piece: a metal satyr designed for bondage games. Moving into her gallery basement is the first step; seducing the cool Southern belle into modeling for him is the second.

As Steel peels away her careful manners and tasteful outfits, Althea begins to realize her life isn't just fine at all—it's as pale and washed-out as the watercolor paintings she's failing to sell. Can she transform her life and accept her most secret desires
My Review
*ARC provided by publisher for Honest Review*
Ok, So I had a bit of a hard time writing a revew for this book.  So I'll let you in to my mind for this book:
First I was like, ok I can do this....but Albino? Really.  Then I was like woo-hoo hot Alpha Male, which turned into You go girl...dump that lame BF and get with "Hottie Artist".  Then it got good and I was like "I LOVE THIS BOOK" and then it was like "Ay Dios Mio"(and I don't speak spanish) and then I was like Yee-Haw......HOT SEX. Then it got sweet but then I was like WTF Boo....please don't make the Alpha Male do submissive stuff.  Then I was all Hot and giggly.  And then BAM it was over!
Ughhh I fell better now!  So I really did like this book but there was so much more that could have been done.  That said, I don't think that the author wanted to do more.  It was straight up Erotica with a small bit of romance thrown in.  I went against my norm and read a few other reviews while I was trying to write my own and I think a lot of readers were looking for "romance."  This is not your classic contemporary romance novel where the H has to bend over backwards to get the h.  This is pure fantasy, boy walks in....wants girl....gets girl....and they get HOT and NASTY.  The ending left me a bit frustrated, but for a book that was so short I'm not sure what I was looking for.
If you're into a quick one night read with lots of HOT Sex, minimal "Drama" that doesn't leave you waiting months on end for a sequel then I highly recommend this book!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Paradise Hops by Liz Crowe

Available at Amazon and B&N
Overview from
A brutal attack left Lori Brockton convinced she was damaged goods. By the time she emerges from hiding two years later, ready to run her family's famous brewery, she's determined to be independent--never rely on anyone ever again. Nearly a year of working in every corner of Brockton Brewing Company, from warehouse to pub, front office to kitchen, teaches her all she needs to know about the business. Then, she comes face-to-face with masculine perfection in a suit and her world is rocked in more ways than one. Garret Hunter is the new Brockton business manager who takes one look at the beautiful, sad young woman and his entire existence coalesces around winning her heart.

But standing between Garrett and what he believes is his true love, is a six-feet six-inch blond-haired bad boy brewer.

Eli Buchannan is a craft beer rock star, recently hired by Brockton to drag the company into the 21st century. He brings innovation and attitude plus a prima donna ladies’ man reputation. But he's sworn off anything resembling commitment, personal or professional, after getting burned at his last job on both fronts.

Garret Hunter is “The Perfect Man” -- handsome, successful, stable, eager to settle down. Eli Buchannan... is not. Compelling, smoking hot, creative and elusive, he represents everything Lori Brockton should avoid. But just as she makes a difficult choice, a drastic life-changing shift occurs, and nothing is ever the same again.
My Review
*Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher via Netgalley in return for an honest review*
Paradise Hops was one of the first books I've read in a long time that wasn't recommend to me by anyone or a requested read for a review.  The fact that I knew nothing about the book or the author was a big plus for me.  The storyline was intriguing, Lori Brockton was recovering mentally from a brutal sexual assault that left her broken inside and out.  Throughout the story you get to watch her learn to trust men and build strength in herself.  This isn't the normal type of "love Triangle" story you would expect with the main character needing something from each of the men in her life who seem to be complete opposites in every way.
I thoroughly enjoyed the erotic side of this story but would not define it as "Erotica." The sex scenes are both romantic and extremely Hot!! But I was left with still wanting more, whether it was more sex or more story I'm still not sure.  The book bounced around from the beginning and at times I found myself having to back up a few pages to figure out if I had missed a step.  Starting with the prologue which in reality is a piece from the middle of the book, you almost feel like you're starting out in a series but you missed the first book.  I even stopped reading to go back and make sure it wasn't a sequel book before starting the first chapter.  The story is told from a 3rd person POV but at times felt like it was leaning towards 1st person and I couldn't quite follow which person it was coming from.
There are some great ups and downs that I never saw coming and I shed more than a few tears, which is why I gave Paradise Hops.  This is a sweet, romantic book with some death defying turns and a few tears thrown in.  I would easily recommend it to anyone who likes romance novels or is looking for an easy weekend read.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Shameful by Dicey Grenor

Available on Amazon

My Rating: 3.5 Stars
Overview from
Thirty-nine-year-old Joanne accidentally meets Alex, a sixteen-year-old stud who gradually coalesces with her family. This wouldn’t ordinarily be a problem except Joanne feels vulnerable to Alex’s charms since her husband has been away for months. Throw in Joanne’s fourteen-year-old daughter, who falls for Alex immediately, and you got a recipe for disaster.

Joanne’s best friend is an attorney who cautions about Texas’s age of consent while Joanne’s mother warns about the consequences of infidelity. But neither can derail Joanne’s collision course once sparks begin to fly and ignite to full blown passion.

Alex is the drink of water Joanne has been looking for and once she has a sip, she falls hard into a situation that cannot end well for anyone.
Or can it?

My Review
*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review*
Where do I start with "Shameful?" I do love taboo books, they give me an extra escape and really get my brain going so I was excited to start this book.  It was a well written book and did a great job touching on a very Taboo subject without turning it into a dirty book about pedophilia.  The relationship between Joanne and Alex starts innocently enough and you can see her trying hard to fight the feelings she may or may not be having but after being alone for months you can ALMOST see how it can happen.  Her husband (Chad) is an ass and that was hard for me to read.  He's a military man stationed abroad and as supporter of the military and a friend to many military personnel I know that most soldiers don't act like him when they leave for a tour, but some do.
The book was easy to read but I found myself having to continually put it down and walk away which is why I gave it 3.5 stars.  My intrest was easily held long enough to finish but there were issues between Joanne and her children that were hard to read.  As a mother who experienced serious Post-Partum depression, the way that she acted towards her children and some of the feelings she expressed were hard for me to read and brought up some very bad memories so my views may have been a bit skewed from the start on that issue. 
The only other issue I had was the ending.  The ending it's self was fulfilling but it happened almost too abruptly.  One minute you're reading hot and heavy in a very dramatic scene and then Bam.... it was over.  I personally didn't like how it ended....but again I'm going to chalk it up to my recent battle with PPD.  I will keep this book on my kindle and will most likely re-read it in a year or so when my own personal issues aren't so fresh in my mind.  I would easily recommend this book to anyone with an Open mind and a taste for books on the Taboo!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Unleashed by Cherrie Lynn

Available at and Barnes & Noble
My Rating 5 freaking HOT Stars
Overview from
One week in paradise will make or break them…
It’s not enough that Kelsey’s husband left her for another woman. Oh, no. The “other woman” had to be her best friend Evan’s fiancĂ©e. Not only has she lost her marriage, she fears losing Evan to the lingering awkwardness and humiliation that hangs between them.
Evan has no intention of letting that happen. He’s got plans…namely, an extra plane ticket to Hawaii now his future wife is out of the picture. There’s only one person he wants on the trip with him, the one who’s always been there for him. The one he should never have let slip away into the arms of a traitorous friend who shattered her heart.
Kelsey is anticipating a week of fun in the sun with the man who’s always treated her like a little sister. No one’s more surprised when she discovers that Evan has seduction on his mind—and that she’s more than ready for it.
Love is the most powerful healing force of all. But past demons have a way of ripping open old wounds, and threatening the survival of even the strongest friendship…
Warning: This title contains explicit sex between best friends, graphic language…and a hero who knows how to put the hot in “hot tub”.
My Review
I picked up a copy of Unleashed for my Kindle on the urging of a friend of mine.  I am so glad that she told me about it!  This book was absolutely great, so great that I actually had to stop reading just to do an update on Goodreads to let everyone know how awesome it was!  The story was a well thought out story line and thankfully didn't have a bunch of silly "filler." I loved that the characters weren't in their early 20's either.  And the sex was HOT HOT HOT!!!  So steamy that my husband kept laughing at me sitting in the corner fanning myself!
Cherrie Lynn's writing is absolutely on par with the top Erotic Romance writers and even moved past a few of my favorites on my top 10 list.  Her ability to write a love scene that is so descriptive you have to blink to remember where you are is an amazing talent!  All of the scenes were believable, no crazy hanging from chandeliers or randomness to make it "hot!"  Just pure unadulterated sex.
Evan Ross is a sexy, Alpha Male without being an Ass.  He's successful, determined and ready to take control to get what he wants.  Kelsey is recently divorced and a bit shy but comes out as a strong heroine in the story.  Even though she had me pretty upset with a few of her decisions I still loved her , but I won't spoil the one big twist that had me yelling at her at 1am!
I sped through this book so fast I almost had whiplash and I highly recommend it!  I loved it so much I also read Rock Me and Leave Me Breathless in the same weekend, but you'll have to wait for those reviews.......I'm still seeing Ghost in my dreams!
My Favorite Quotes:
“I love how you tremble for me,” he whispered. “I love how you’re shy until you need me and then you aren’t ashamed to tel me what you want.” -Evan Ross” 
"Honey" he groaned as she nibbled his earlobe and gave his stiff shaft a long, hard stroke through his pants.  "I'm concerned for the safety of the public right now."
"I trust you," she murmured, moving her lips around to the corner of his mouth. "I think the public is in good hands."
"Mmm, and I think you're about to be."
"God, Evan, I'm so wet."
He nearly drove off the road. The need to take his hand off the wheel and investigate her claim was almost more than he could resist.....