Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Fetish Box (Parts 1 & 2) by Nicole Camden

Part 1 Available now, Part 2 Available March 4th, 2013
My Rating:
1 Star
Virginal twenty-two-year-old Mary has just inherited a sex shop in Florida from her mother. After a long drive from California, she arrives at her deceased mother’s house only to be confronted immediately with two equally sexy strangers: the strong, silent John and the irreverent, taunting Max. She’s innocent, almost completely untouched, but feels a completely uncharacteristic pull to each man. Shocking even herself, she realizes it’s not an unwelcome desire.

Max is a playboy who knows how to give women what they want, but John… John might just be able to give Mary something even she doesn’t know she needs…
My Review:
*Disclaimer: Ebooks provided by publisher via Netgalley in return for a Honest Review*
This is probably the most frustrating book series I have ever read!  To start, the book is broken down into a series of short books when in reality it should have been 1 novel.  It may have actually been a 2 or 3 star review if it had been but I was so angry about the greed involved in breaking a book up like this that I was seeing red.  In reality the readers are being forced to pay for a book 3 times over just to get some semblance of a conclusion. 
Now for the review of the actual story.  The original idea of the book had the chance to be something great if not epic.  Small town virgin inherits her estranged mothers sex shop.  There are so many ways that the story could have gone but n, it just went wrong.  Like a slow motion train wreck......I knew I should look away but I couldn't.  I just sat there slack jawed and let it happen before me!  Know that I LOVE erotica and erotic romance novels.  The feelings I had were not because the sex was "too much."  It was just all wrong! 

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