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Shameful by Dicey Grenor

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My Rating: 3.5 Stars
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Thirty-nine-year-old Joanne accidentally meets Alex, a sixteen-year-old stud who gradually coalesces with her family. This wouldn’t ordinarily be a problem except Joanne feels vulnerable to Alex’s charms since her husband has been away for months. Throw in Joanne’s fourteen-year-old daughter, who falls for Alex immediately, and you got a recipe for disaster.

Joanne’s best friend is an attorney who cautions about Texas’s age of consent while Joanne’s mother warns about the consequences of infidelity. But neither can derail Joanne’s collision course once sparks begin to fly and ignite to full blown passion.

Alex is the drink of water Joanne has been looking for and once she has a sip, she falls hard into a situation that cannot end well for anyone.
Or can it?

My Review
*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review*
Where do I start with "Shameful?" I do love taboo books, they give me an extra escape and really get my brain going so I was excited to start this book.  It was a well written book and did a great job touching on a very Taboo subject without turning it into a dirty book about pedophilia.  The relationship between Joanne and Alex starts innocently enough and you can see her trying hard to fight the feelings she may or may not be having but after being alone for months you can ALMOST see how it can happen.  Her husband (Chad) is an ass and that was hard for me to read.  He's a military man stationed abroad and as supporter of the military and a friend to many military personnel I know that most soldiers don't act like him when they leave for a tour, but some do.
The book was easy to read but I found myself having to continually put it down and walk away which is why I gave it 3.5 stars.  My intrest was easily held long enough to finish but there were issues between Joanne and her children that were hard to read.  As a mother who experienced serious Post-Partum depression, the way that she acted towards her children and some of the feelings she expressed were hard for me to read and brought up some very bad memories so my views may have been a bit skewed from the start on that issue. 
The only other issue I had was the ending.  The ending it's self was fulfilling but it happened almost too abruptly.  One minute you're reading hot and heavy in a very dramatic scene and then Bam.... it was over.  I personally didn't like how it ended....but again I'm going to chalk it up to my recent battle with PPD.  I will keep this book on my kindle and will most likely re-read it in a year or so when my own personal issues aren't so fresh in my mind.  I would easily recommend this book to anyone with an Open mind and a taste for books on the Taboo!

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