The Momma Romance Rating

The Amazingly Scientific Momma Romance Rating System

I don't review books on my blog if I cannot give it at least a 3.  I used to, but I refuse to be a snarky blogger!  I found that most readers just wanted to know about the books that I would recommend....not what I hated, and I'm good with that!  If I receive an ARC that is a 1 or 2 star book then I just don't write a recommendation and if I really feel the need I will email the author to let them know of anything I think might improve the book!
6 Stars- This rarely seen phenomenom is reserved for books that make me so extremely happy that I am at a loss for words....well Maybe
5 Stars-I Loved it, and was probably up all night reading it
4 Stars- I Really, Really liked it and couldn't put it down
3 Stars- I Liked it and recommend it

2 Stars- Didn't really Like it or it just wasn't my thing
1 Star- Ughhhh I Hated It

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