Requests to Review

Momma Romance is always accepting author requests for reviews.  All reviews are honest reviews and we never accept payment or gifts for review. At this time I am also working with guest reviewers so there is a chance that your book may be read and/or reviewed by a contributor and not Kat directly.  If that is an issue just let me know!

Genres currently accepted for review:

Erotic Romance
Dark Romance
Dark Erotica
Contemporary Romance
NA Romance
Adult Romance
Y/A Romance
Suspense Romance

To request a book be read and reviewed please email with the following information:

Author Name
Book Title
Book Format (Ebook or paper)
Release Date

I try very hard to reply to every email but sometimes I can only get a chance to respond to requests that I am interested in reviewing.  If you don't get a response please wait 2-3 weeks before submitting again!

Once an item is accepted for review the publisher/author will be responsible for sending an ARC in the format of their choice (ebook or paper).  The preferred ebook file type is .mobi.  but we can also accept .pdf and other file types.

Momma Romance is run by a single person so please be patient and try to give as much advance notice as possible when requesting reviews.  I have a preferred lead time of at least 2 weeks but if you need anything sooner just make a note of it in your email.

I look forward to working together and help get your book out to the public.

About my reviews:

I don't review books on my blog if I cannot give it at least a 3.  I used to, but I refuse to be a snarky blogger!  I found that most readers just wanted to know about the books that I would recommend....not what I hated, and I'm good with that!  If I receive an ARC that is a 1 or 2 star book then I just don't write a recommendation and if I really feel the need I will email the author to let them know of anything I think might improve the book!