Monday, May 20, 2013

Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire

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4.5 Hot MadDog Maddox Stars
 Momma's Review
The Story:
 When I heard about this sequel I was so freaking excited.  I mean seriously, what could be better than more Travis "MadDog" Maddox!  Sigh......Travis............ok back to the review!  So here is where you need to pay attention, because this is what has been a hang up by many readers....Walking Disaster is LITERALLY the Travis POV of Beautiful Disaster.  It mirrors the story very close, like so close I've heard you can match some of the pages.  But that is exactly what I was expecting so I was excited by the entire thing!  We are able to see the reasons behind some of Travis' reactions and the through process that went behind some of my favorite scenes in Beautiful Disaster.  And the Prologue, oh holy hell Jamie McGuire.....I was in complete tears!

The only reason that I knocked off 1/2 of a star was because I was hoping that there would be more of Travis without Abbie.  More lead in scenes from his POV and more background to things that I found important in the first book.  There were also 2 scenes that I was REALLY looking for in his POV but kind of got skipped over.
The Heroine:
Abby Maddox
 What can I say about Abby!  She is one of my favorite heroines because she reminds me of me at that age.  And Trav is totally a guy that I would have fallen head over heals for.  She's trying to hide from her past by being someone she isn't but it doesn't last very long.  Under her fake persona she's tough and willing to go to bat for the people she loves.  In this POV you don't see as much of that but it's still a standout
The Hero:

Travis "Mad Dog" Maddox I love strong, Alpha really, really, really, really love them!  The thing about Travis is that he really isn't an Alpha in the normal sense and I think it's because of his age.  He's more of a cocky, take no prisoners, too hot for his own good Bad Ass....but it works for his character.  He's young and stupid, fights like a beast and loves women! 

The Steam:
So there wasn't much steam in the was more about the angst.  The back and forth between Travis and Abby is great, the dialogue is fun but at times I wanted to scream.....just have sex already!   
The Cover:
I love the cover of this book.  It's a great play off the cover for Beautiful Disaster and who can resist a sexy body like that!

I recommend this book to all Romance Novel lovers.  Just please.....don't read Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster back to back!  The best part was remembering all the things from the first book while reading the second!

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