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Unbeautifully by Madeline Sheehan

*Warning.....if you've read any of Madeline Sheehan books....or my reviews of her books for that matter....than you'll understand this warning.  If words like ShitGodamnMotherFucker bother you......then stop reading now!*

6 Amazing Fucking Stars
Momma's Review:
So this is where I normally write a quick review of the story in general....haha not this time!
I am so in LOVE with Madeline Sheehan right now, ok....it's been this way for awhile.....I can admit it.  Pretty much since I finished reading Undeniable a few months ago, but fuck it! 
I was so unbelievably excited when I found out that Unbeautifully was going to release a whole 3 weeks early, I mean really what kind of needy cunt just goes and does that?  Madeline Fuckin Sheehan...that's who!  How excited was I......when I woke up and found out it was going live I spent the ENTIRE morning hitting the refresh button on amazon waiting.  And then it went live and I sulked all afternoon and evening because I couldn't read until the wee ones were in bed for the night!
And then it happened, I finally snuck off to read Unbeautifully.  From the very first words I was sucked right back into the story, like my brain hadn't forgotten a moment of Undeniable and I jumped right to where I needed to be.  I literally held my breath the entire prologue and only noticed I was doing it when my heart started beating erratically.   
Now here is where the review gets hard, because I totally want to sit here and just go on and on and on about the entire story, but if I do that then you won't even have to read it.  So I'll be selective! 
The Story: 
I have no idea how Madeline Sheehan writes like she does.  She must have been president of a motorcycle gang in her previous life because it's just so damn perfect.  The characters are amazing and fit true to everything a MC should be, The relationships between the Hell's Horsemen is presented amazingly and you feel like you are right there with them.  Sitting at the bar between Blue and some club whore watching everything go down.  And the relationship between Danny & Ripper, oh holy hell.  The dialogue was hilarious, the sex was fucking HOT, the angst was quite literally gut wrenching....it was all together a perfect read.
The story picks up right where Undeniable left off but the most amazing part is that the book fills in so much of the years between the chapter end of Undeniable and the actual Epilogue end!  It was the most amazing surprise to finally find out what really happened in those years between Deuce and Eva.  Not to mention the fact that I had no idea how Madeline Sheehan was going to pull off a story about Danny & Ripper when the end of Undeniable shows Danny & ZZ together.  Especially since there was never a plan for a second book.  Somehow she took a glimpse from the end of one book and spins it into such an awesome and unexpected story.
The Heroine:
Danny West
I absolutely loved Danny!  She's young but not stupid or completely naive. She does take a bit of coaxing to step up to the plate, but what 18 year old faced with a MAN like Ripper wouldn't be a bit timid and shy.  She's been through hell after her life was turned upside down in Undeniable but as she grows she learns to take control of her body and her needs.  She's everything I love to see in a heroine.
The Hero:

Ok, so I thought that Deuce was my be all end all BBF.....but I may have been wrong!  Oh Ripper, you do things to me that..........oh....sorry...are you still here...ok where was I.  Ripper is amazing...pure and simple.  Well, ok, he's kind of an ass....but in a good way.  He's tough and scarred on the outside but just soft enough that he knows a good woman when he sees her.  Though he did seriously piss me off in this book...I ended up forgiving him in the end!

The Steam:
 Ok, so if you have to ask about the steam in this book you've obviously never read a book by Madeline Sheehan!  Because there is no steam in this book, just Lava HOT sex.  You know when you finally get the campfire hot enough that it stops smoking.....Exactly!  It's fast, it's slow, it's rough...*Faints*
The Cover:

I loved this cover, especially because it's not showing Rippers face.  He's a hard character to place so it helped me to not have to fit him into a mold.  And it's goes perfectly with the other covers in the series.


Do you like sex? Read this book
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Need something to spice up your sex life?  Read this fucking book!

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