Friday, May 10, 2013

I'm looking for a few good kittens!

I am totallt amazed by the amount of interest I've gotten from my facebook post about looking for guest reviewers!

That said I figured it would be easiest to explain on the blog where my word count was unlimited instead of locked into 100 characters or less! is what I'm lioking for.

I'm in need of 4 or 5 girls to be on my kitten review team!  Each kitten will be responsible to read & review one book per month from my stack of ARCs.  I am not looking to just give away books, I am looking for a commitment to work with me personally to make sure that authors are getting reviewed in a timely fashion.  And the right girls have to be funny, real and be able to handle me throwing the f word around rather often!

If you're still interested here is what my requirements are:

-Need to have some experience writing reviews for public consumption.  And be able to submit proof!  Send me a link to your goodreads or Amazon.
-must read & review one book per month.  Book will be chosen by me but we can work  together to find books that fit you!
-NO AUTHOR BASHING. I'm not ok with it and don't promote it.  This blog is for supporting authors and good books.
-be truthful.  I'm not looking for all 5 star reviews. 

If you think you can handle it then shoot me an email with the following info:

-reviewing experience
-Answer these questions:
     1. Why do you want to guest review
     2. Who is your favorite author?
     3. What is the best book and worst         book you've read this year?

Email to mommaromance (at)

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!!!!

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