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Seduction And Snacks by Tara Sivec

Momma's Rating
5 Fucking Hilarious Stars
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Momma's Review

So last week I was lucky enough to go to Vegas for The Naughty Mafia Rocks Vegas and not only that but I was super lucky because on of my blog besties got us into the Tara Sivec/Jasinda Wilder cocktail party!  Talk about the best weekend ever!  So I'm kind of a Jasinda Wilder freak and was so totally stoked to go.........but I was a Tara Sivec virgin (gasp!!!).  I mean I had heard tons about her books and how funny she was but her books had been on my TBR forever.  So I was totally surprised when I found out we got gift bags for going to the cocktail party.....and that my bag included a copy of Seduction And Snacks!  I mean....they got this amazeballs suite at the hardrock, filled it full of cookies, cupcakes and seriously like every cabinet was stocked full with sweets and then on top of it a book too...I was in heaven.  And then I got to meet the one and only Tara Sivec....and I seriously almost pee'd my pants more than once!  She is so freaking funny in person....and a total perv!  I instantly fell in lurve with her, and I may or may not have started stalking her!

So should I talk about the book yet?  well duh....that's why I do this blog thing right?  We all know my fangirling could easily require a blog of it's own!

So I had no idea what Seduction and Snacks was about.  I didn't read the synopsis because I love going in blind.  The only thing I knew was that EVERYONE I talked to about the book said it was one of the, if not the funniest books they had ever read.  I was slightly skeptical because seriously, could it really be that funny?  But holy shit, it was the funniest fucking book I have ever read.  Not just kind of funny, but funny enough to have me gasping for air and clapping my hands like a trained monkey!  Not only that but it was so well written.  I was worried because lots of books try so hard to be funny that they totally miss the mark when it comes to the actual plot.  And because I hadn't read the synopsis of the book I was actually surprised by the little plot turns as they happened. 

No we do need to take into consideration that my mini minion could easily fill the role of 100%...including the raging morning wood, crazy sleep talking and dirty words.  Have you ever heard the story of how he walked up one day in front of my mom, slapped me in the face and yelled "Bitch Slap" as loud as he could.  Yep....he's a total Gavin.  So I think the fact that I have a 4 year old carbon copy may have mad e it that much funnier.  But even if you don't have a toddler who walks in the room every time your hubby grabs your boobs or tries to sneak a peek I really think that you will find it just as damn funny as I did!
The Story:
The story was so perfectly written in Seduction And Snacks.  One part that I loved is that it wasn't too full of fluff or filler, it was just down right funny. The author knew exactly where she wanted things to go and just went need to beat around the bush!
The Heroine:
I love Claire!  Life handed her something shitty and she made the best of it.  This isn't a story about a broken heroine who decides that her life is over and she is just going to hide in her room until her BFF decides to drag her out kicking and screaming to fall for some guy.  This is a story about a girl who screwed up, dealt with it and moved on with her life!
The Hero:
Oh Carter, how much I just want to smother you in chocolate myself!  So he's hot and shit but that's not why I liked him so much.  It was the fact that he still dreamed of Claire.  The flashbacks to the night they shared together made me fall in love with him.  And how he treats Gavin when he finds out is so absolutely perfect!
The Steam:
So I wasn't expecting steam in this book.  I knew it was going to be funny, and I knew that there were vibrators involved in some aspect but I really wasn't ready for how fucking hot some of the scenes are in this book!  I will forever think of Claire and Carter every time I'm using my chocolate melter!
Momma's Reccomendation:
I recommend this book to EVERYONE.  If you have a funny bone, can take a joke about vibrators and don't mind waking people up in your house because you're laughing so hard then this book is totally for you! 

And because I LOVED it so much....I want you to read it too!  Enter below for a chance to with the entire series (because Tara Sivec rocks so hard she released them all in one big book!) Chocolate Lovers below!

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