Sunday, August 18, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Winners

We Finally have our totals!  So sorry for the delay but I found out late last night that I needed to be home about 8 hours earlier than expected to deal with a family thing (don't's all ok now!) but it totally threw off my night.  Thanks to all the teams for being so patient.

Without further ado here are the final numbers for the Scavenger Hunt

#BookMommas          33
#MenageQuad            31
#DirtyBirdies              31
#CVChicks                29
#MefordMisfitz           22
#HotTamales               11
#BookBabes               3
#50ShadesofPink         2
#Cuatro'Hos               1

The 3 top teams will each receive 4 $100 Amazon Gift Cards provided by Kelli Maine.
And...the 4th place team will get 4 $10 gift cards (provided by Momma Romance, Live Love Laugh and Read and Loverly's Book blog) and an ebook from Toni Aleo!

I hope that your teams had as much fun doing the scavenger hunt as I had watching you guys doing it around the hotel.  It was a highlight to my trip!  Hopefully we can do it again at the next Naughty Mafia Event......and I won't get called home so quickly!

I wanted to also send a huge THANK YOU to the authors who joined in as scavenger hunt items!  Many of them were responsible for creating their scavenger hunt item and they came up with some amazing ideas!  I also want to thank Ellie at Love N' Books and her amazing abs models for being willing to take pics with our teams as well as the Hard Rock Hotel for allowing us to take photos around the property and with the bell hops.  I actually talked to a few of them and they had fun with you girls as well!  And last but not least to the Naughty Mafia team for letting me put together this fun little side contest!

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