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Rush by Maya Banks

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Momma' Review
I've been dying to read this series for awhile and with the upcoming release of Burn I figured it was finally time to bite the bullet and jump in, and I am so glad I did!  I fell in love with the whole crazy group almost immediately.  I've been searching for a good Alpha Male book and there are plenty of Alpha's to go around here!
The Story
I knew that the reviews were good for this book but I didn't know anything about it going in which was great because I was totally caught off guard by the plotline and the connections between the characters.   The story is well written and then at the same time there were parts that actually had me gasping and yelling at my ereader!.  It was slightly lacking in the angst department but it totally made up for it with the ending.  Lets just say that Gabe really knows how to say sorry in a BIG way!
But I do need to just vent a tiny bit!  While I really liked the story I'm getting a bit tired of the "come on command" line.  Can it be done ........yes, but it's usually when there is delayed gratification involved because the person is holding off so long that the fact that they are given permission to finally release can cause them to come almost instantly.  It's not something that just happens the first time you get into bed with someone and can take a bit of training to get to that point!  Just saying!
The Hero
Gabe Hamilton
Wow!  Gabe, Gabe, Gabe! At the very beginning he seems like your typical millionaire hero but as you get to know him you see he is so much more than that.  He's not pretentious or holier than thou, and behind closed doors he actually a bit of a softie....but in the perfect way.  He protects what's his and takes care of his girl in and out of the bedroom!  He can come off a bit obsessive or overprotective but you learn that there are reasons to why he feels how he does when you get to see his past and how its' affected him.
The Heroine
Mia Crestwell
I love Mia!  She's not a virgin, she's not naïve and she has a freaking backbone!  Even though she is new to having a BDSM type relationship she handles it well and keeps her cool even when things get crazy. She's known Gabe pretty much forever which leads to some awesome sex and some pretty surprising scenes!
The awesome part is that there are tons of BFFs to go around.  Gabe has Jace and Ash (hello hotties!) and Mia has Caroline and her girls.  The way the the different characters interact both one on one and as a whole group is really intriguing and sucks you in.  But at the same time there aren't too many alternate stories going on to detract from the main plot.
The Steam
If you're looking for steam you have found the right book!  The sex is HOT and there is plenty of it!  It ranges from sweet and vanilla to pretty hot BDSM play.

 Momma's Toy Box! 

Here is where things get fun! Now hang with me while I work out the kinks as this is the first edition of Momma's Toy Box.  I've painfully scowered the internet (ya right!) for all the toys from your favorite books! So after you're done reading you can start experiencing!
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  1. I TOTALLY agree with your "come on command" comment!!! It is in SO many books now that I almost don't notice it anymore but, it's still true!!! I do love this book as well as "Fever" and can't wait until "Burn" comes out in a few days!!

    1. I think it's the new "his love was my drug." I appreciate it in a story and in real life ;) but think everyone should know it's not that easy! I'm reviewing Fever this week (already read it and liked it more than Rush!) and then I have some special surprises for the Burn release!

    2. I can't decide which I love more, "Fever" or "Rush". I am so excited for "Burn". I've already told me kids that we have to go to a store to get it on Tuesday!


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