Saturday, August 3, 2013

ARC August

Ok, so I suck!  I am so insanely behind on my ARCs that it's actually pretty embarrassing!  But I can't say no and I'm a sucker for reading period!  I'm always worried that I'm going to miss out on the next awesome book if I don't add it to my ARC list!

So I've decided to do the ARC August Challenge!!!!  I am going to buckle down and get these books reviewed for you girls!  Cause we all know I really do this so I can share it all with you! 

Do you have ARCs to get through and want to join too?  Jump over to Read Sleep Repeat and sign up!

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  1. ARC August is a shame/guilt/embarrassment free zone! Don't forget that we're all ridiculously behind. ;)

    What books are you going to tackle this week?

    -Octavia of Read. Sleep. Repeat.

    1. I finished Burn before ARC August started so I am reviewing today! Started and Finished Real by Katy Evans this week, it's been on my ARC list forever! I'm going to do one more this week, it's between Shooting Scars and Tempted by Two by Portia Da Costa


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