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Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

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My Rating
5 Perfect Stars
I am so in live with this book (yes I said Live...go read the book)!  I was a Colleen Hoover virgin until I read hopeless and I am so excited that I found her!  I actually grabbed this book because it was on sale and I knew that I was going to see Colleen Hoover at the LA Author Event but of course life got in the way and I didn't get to read it before meeting her.  I started reading it while in line with 360 other avid readers on my kindle and everyone around me couldn't say enough good things about it! And then my kindle died.....right when it was getting REALLY good.  Ughh I was pissed.  But I lived it so much that I sat down the next morning with a cup of coffee and didn't move until I was finished!  I just couldn't put it down , the twists and turns are beautifully constructed and the ending....I never saw that coming!  If I have one serious pet peeve about books it's when I can see the ending coming way too far in advance.  I was seriously thrown for a loop but it was such a great, unexpected turn that made the book just that much better.
The Story:
This story was amazing.  It started out like a regular young adult novel but it didn't stay that way for long.  From the beginning there are subtle hints of what's to come, certain phrases and things that Sky says all make sense at the end of the book.  The story totally wasn't what I was expecting which is why it's hard to explain it without completely spoiling the whole thing.  I will just say that it earned a coveted 5 star review from Momma Romance, and that's REALLY hard to do when there isn't any smut!!
The Heroine:
Sky is stubborn, competitive, strong and totally amazing.  She's grown up without the use of any technology, no TV, no Internet, no phones and it's really cute to watch her as she tries to decipher text lingo and ereaders.  She's sweet and caring to those she truly loves but stands her ground.  Even when she's being tormented at school and being called horrible names she just turns it around on the "mean girls" and brushes it off.  I truly enjoyed watching her grow in this story as a person and become a stronger women for it.
“Its real, Six. You can't get mad at a real ending. Some of them are ugly. Its the fake happily ever afters that should piss you off.”
Colleen Hoover, Hopeless
The Hero:
What can be said about Dean Holder except....holy shit!  Thank god he's 18 for 95% of the book because otherwise I would feel like a dirty old cougar.  He's sexy, cocky and knows how to fight for the things he loves.  And the things he says....if any boy would have tried his lines on me I would have literally melted! But as sexy and stubborn as he is he also has an amazing sweet side.  He's hurting from a major loss and isn''t so manly that he can't let it out when things get to much.  And the way he cares for sky is seriously swoonworthy!
“The moment my lips touch yours, it will be your first kiss. Because if you've never felt anything when someone's kissed you, then no one's ever really kissed you. Not the way I plan on kissing you.”
Colleen Hoover, Hopeless
The BFF:
We are lucky enough to have two great BFF's in this book and each one is an important part of the story.  First you have six, the best friend that lives next store.  She's a total bad influence but seems to balance Sky's awkwardness of being home schooled.  She's sweet, caring and freaking funny.  She is out of a big part of the middle of the story but I found myself waiting for her next witty text message.  Then there is Breckin, he's got a fashion sense to die for, quick wit and he's.....Mormon *gasp* Every high school girl should have a friend like Breckin to fend off the Idiots, jocks, bigots and bitches. 
The Steam:
Oh the steam in this book!  Hopeless has the hottest, sexiest, most steamy non-sex scene that I have ever read.  No, seriously!  I was panting and holding my breath after reading it.  Everyone pretty much already knows I tend to lean more towards the Erotic, smutty romance novels but the way that Colleen Hoover wrote this novel I didn't miss it at all.  Coupled with the angst it was absolutely the perfect amount of steam for the story!


  1. Momma Kate! I'm so happy you lived this book as much as I did! Great review :)

  2. And I meant Kat. Damn autocorrect.

  3. I live the way you broke down the book!


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