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Blog Tour: Rules of Entanglement by Gina L. Maxwell


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4 Hot Surfer Stars
*Disclaimer* I received an ARC of this book in return for an honest review
I thoroughly enjoyed this second book in the Fighting for Love series.  Once I got into the relationship between Vanessa and Jackson I couldn't put the book down!   Until I accidentally let my e-reader die at 2am :(  Then I had a horrible night sleep and jumped right out of bed and read the rest of the book.  The playful sarcastic banter between the two of them makes you want to giggle and smile along with them while the steam makes you want to fan your self!
The Story:
 Rules of Entanglement has a very classic story, Girl steps in to help her bestfriend and goes toe to toe with the Best Friends hot but kind of jerky brother.  The nice part is that it's different enough from other books with the same theme that it stands out as a great read.  I found myself having to push through the first 2 chapters which is why I gave it a 4, but other than that I had absolutely no problems with this book.  The characters are well thought out and written, the interactions are funny and the setting is perfect.  The book is written from both POV's but is done so well that at times you don't notice the transisiton.
The Heroine:

Vanessa MacGregor
V is probably one of my favorite Heroines this year.  She is strong, independent, and doesn't take shit from anyone!  Not even her best friends super hot brother.  But she's still vulnerable and open to change for love...even if she doesn't know it.  V's character was a breath of fresh air from the "normal" heroine we see so often now.  She's slightly broken, scared of commitment and hiding behind her "rules" but she doesn't run from her problems, she literally punches them right in the nose.
The Hero:
Jackson "Jax" Maris
Jackson, oh wow!  I have a soft spot for tattooed guys but make him an Alpha Male MMA fighter with a dominant streak and I am 110% in.  He's hot, he's got a smart ass attitude, and he's so freaking sweet!  But not like blechhhh sweet.  He's that cocky subtle kind of sweet that you almost don't notice he's doing it until you've completely fallen for him.  Oh and sometimes he goes commando......Hello perfect!  He has easily worked his way into my dreams and my top BBF list!
The Steam:
 Gina L. Maxwell sure knows how to write a scene!  Rules of Entanglement isn't cover to cover "erotica" but it's close!.  I counted at least 3 times that I forgot to breathe...though my little peanut gallery may say that it was more times than that!  Be warned, this is NOT a book about BDSM or Domination, but there are definite threads of control in the bedroom!  This is the first book that I've read from Gina L. Maxwell but holy crap can she steam up a book.  I even found myself re-reading the sexy stuff because it was just so good!  I'll be patiently waiting for whatever she decides to put out in the future
The Cover:
 This cover is pretty isn't my fave but being a "brazen" novel it follows the normal cover look for the publisher.  The cover models are hot and  stay very true to the character descriptions of the book. 
This book is a great read for any romance reader but be warned that it is a HOT book.  For fans looking for steamy sex, hot main characters and smile inducing banter this is a must read!

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