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Blog Tour: Enlightened by C.C. Brown & Author Interview

Available April 14th 2013
I was so excited when I was asked to review Enlightened by C.C. Brown.  I liked Red Flags (see my review here ) and it was actually the very first review I published on Momma Romance!  And don't forget to scroll all the way down for my Interview with C.C. Brown and a GIVEAWAY!
Enlightened is the continuation of the story of Cara and Jason.  C.C. Brown has truly grown as a writer and it's easy to see in this story.  The flow is easy and the speed is perfect for the story.  And the best part is that all of the questions from Red Flags are answered!!!  And the twists, oh the twists.  There are some really good ones that you don't even see coming!
What can I say about Cara.  She's tries to be strong and independent but sometimes you just want to reach out and smack her!  She gets involved in a love square and her inability to stand up for herself and speak what she need so say becomes a big part of this story. She almost becomes a doormat...but then she is saved by Jason!
In Red Flags Jason and I had a love hate relationships but this time...I am so in love with him.  Now that his secrets are revealed he really shows his sweet side, but don't worry there is still a sexy bad boy in there too.  He's more like the reformed bad boy, just when you think he's changed he pulls out a sneaky little trick!
So I mentioned that C.C. Brown has grown as a writer and the sex is an area that she has grown exponentially!  There is more sex in this book, but not only is there more, you actually feel it this time.  You can feel the connection between the characters and it really adds to the whole story.
Being that this is a sequel I automatically recommend this book to anyone who's read Red Flags.  But I would recommend this book to any readers who are looking for a good romance novel with a hot, rich hero.
I had a chance to interview C.C. Brown and ask her a few serious questions but also a couple of funny ones too. 
Momma Romance-What made you want to start writing, and why romance novels?
C.C. Brown-I've always loved writing. As a kid, I would always write, any and everything. I wanted to out-write the other kids in class. My very first "published" book is actually sitting in the Eagle Ranch Elementary School library. I won a Young Author's contest and my book, What a Day for Josh, is sitting in there to this day.  Romance novels are what I read, so I figured, I should probably write what i enjoy.
MR-Where did the original idea for Red Flags come from?
C.C.-Hahahaha.... from some very dysfunctional couples that I had the displeasure of watching in college. I guess I should be thanking them, though. Their nonsense inspired my book.

MR-When you started writing Red Flags did you have a muse already picked out?
C.C.-NO! I just took everything I saw, mixed in some wealth, and incredible sexiness, and Jason was born. Cara is written as my polar opposite.

MR-You recently decided to change the cover of Red Flags, was there a reason behind it. Have you gotten any blow back because the characters don't match the storyline?
C.C.-No. Actually, most people have told me they like the new cover. It's more intriguing and sexy.

MR- If you could share one random thing about yourself what would it be?
C.C.-I'm double jointed in my fingers and toes.

And now for a bit of "Would you rather?"

MR-Would you rather eat Burgers & Beer or Italian Food & Wine
C.C.-Can I have a burger with wine?

MR-Would you rather be stuck on an island with all your favorite books but no guys or with all your favorite guys but no books?
C.C.-I'd rather be without books... my guys are my husband and son... I wouldn't trade them for anything.

MR-Would you rather wear high heels or sneakers
C.C.-Definitely sneakers

MR-Would you rather have Foreplay or Sex
C.C.-SEX... lots of it.

MR-Would you rather drive a raptor or a Shelby
C.C.-The Raptor. I'm a sucker for big trucks!

I would like to thank C.C. Brown for stopping by and making time for Momma Romance today during her very hectic Blog Tour schedule!

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