Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Seriously.....1000 "likers" on Facebook....Really?

So I'm a bit speechless, which is something that doesn't happen often.  If it did I wouldn't feel the need to constantly talk about books, no seriously....I talk about books to anyone who will listen, even perfect strangers.  Which probably explains why I started a blog in the first place.

So many things have happened since I started this little blog in January of this year.  But as I look back I see that I never really introduced me or why I do this crazy blogging thing.  About a year ago I joined a book club and lets face it.....I only did it to get a night off from the kids!  But low and behold I found that I really liked reading.  Then the book club decided to read the Hunger Games series before the first movie came out and I amazed myself by reading all 3 in 3 days.  That was a HUGE accomplishment for the girl who wouldn't read a book in school if it was being held by the captain of the football team.  But then I had my first book hangover and it stuck with me pretty hard.......but then cue Fifty Shades of Grey......well Shit!

So now you know my dirty little secret, I'm a wife and mommy who fell victim to the FSOG phenomena.  I even stood in line once for 9 hours to meet EL James....but at least I have the signed books and a blurry picture to prove it!  Those 3 crazy books introduced me to this crazy romance novel world.  I was like so many other people who though romance novels were all about bodice wearing damsels tied up on pirate ships (mmmm actually sounds kinda fun!) and what did I need those for.  Boy was I wrong.  Then I found M. Leighton and Cash/Nash (I mean really...who saw that one coming), then Sylvia day and Gideon Cross (sighhhhh), and before I knew it I was an Addict.  Spending hours of Goodreads and amazon researching the next great book to read, putting off dishes and laundry and hoping that my husband would understand (at least the increase in nookie helped with that)

But I was so alone, no one in my book club seemed to be addicted like I was.  My friends thought I was crazy when I could rattle of the names, birth dates and eye colors of all my favorite Book Boyfriends.  And my mom, well my poor mom must have thought I was having a nervous breakdown!

So I did what any sane women would do and I started a blog.  I mean who wouldn't, right?!?  But the most amazing part was that I found so many amazing people who were just like me.  And none of us, ok most of us, weren't really crazy.  We just LOVED our books and our BBFs.  And not only were there so many bloggers to lean on there were so many fans!  So many freaking fans!  I thought it was all just for fun.  I mean people didn't really pay attention to what I was writing and saying....right? One day I got a message after BAE that people had been talking about Momma Romance and I thought they were joking!  Cause really, who in Boston would be talking about some crazy book obsessed mom of 2 from Southern California!  But they were....and I cried a little...and may or may not have done a silly little dance and giggle!

So this giveaway is my THANK YOU to all of you.  To the readers who interact with me on a daily basis and goof off with me.  To the girls who love to look at hot shirtless men just as much as I do and don't make fun of me for it!  To the poor people that get sucked into crazy conversations in line with me at the grocery store about what books have the most sexy time in them.  To the husbands who put up with me filling there wives free time with more books.  To the bloggers, oh the bloggers!  Without you crazy ass women making me feel normal I would have given up on blogging before I even started.  You ground me, let me bounce ideas off you and copy some of your brilliant ideas too!  Especially the #HoeTrain girls!  Who listen to me on KIK when I'm having mini melt downs and freak outs about running into Ex Boyfriends in the most awkward places!  And then of course to the Authors, many of whom I can now call my friends.  Who pose for pictures with me at signings and don't mind my total random and usually inappropriate tweets!

So Thank you,  Good Luck....and for the love of all things holy keep freaking reading! a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Congrats on this amazing milestone! Wishing you many more likes to come! :) Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

    Tess xx



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