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The Opportunist, Dirty Red & Thief (Love We With Lies Series) by Tarryn Fisher

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5 Beautiful Mind Fuck Stars!!!

Momma's Review

How in the hell did I miss these books???  So a few weeks ago one of my girlies, Mags from SMI BookClub, asked me to read these books.  Why?  Because it was such a mind fuck that she needed a partner.  Who could say no to that?  Well I couldn't so I jumped right in with The Opportunist and I am so freaking glad I did!  THANKS MAGS!!!
The problem with these book is that they were so amazing that I read them back to back to back with no time to review them in between so I'm going to do a series review of sorts because, well because I can!
The Opportunist:
Truthfully I was a bit worried after I started The Opportunist.  I did feel that the very beginnings of the book were a bit slow and because I knew that something big was coming it made me a bit impatient.  I stuck with it because I had to catch up with Mags and the BAM all the sudden it all makes sense!  The way that the first book is written is so amazing.  This book is told from Olivia's perspective but switches between past and present and it was done perfectly.  The way that Tarryn Fisher wrote the story was brilliant.  Each time you had a question about the present, bam it switched to the past and made sense.  And then when you needed more info on the present it flipped again.  It was almost like she was telling two stories at the same time.  And the feels in this book....ughhhh!  I giggled, I cried, I may have had a heart attack!  It's back, It's's a mind fuck of the best kind!!!
Dirty Red
The second book in the Love Me With Lies Series is really hard to review without spoilers!  Because I can't tell you what exactly made me so angry that I started screaming at my kindle.  But I did and you probably will to!  But that's the best part.  Dirty Red is told from Leah's POV....I know WTF...but it all makes sense in the end I promise.  And it's amazing, have I already said that?  Cause it really is.  And PS, I'm totally on team I Hate Leah!!!!
Ok there Miss Tarryn Fisher, I can't tell if I want to hug you, kiss you or smack you!  The third book is filled with the same back and forth craziness of the first two book in the series but this time from Caleb's POV, I know...squeee! But this book KILLED me!  I got two chapters in, dropped the kindle on the couch and stomped around my house in circles cursing out loud.  Yes, you read that right, I had an official temper tantrum!  I haven't read a book in a very long time that caused that loud of an emotional response.  Again, I've debated how to review these books because I can't freaking tell you anything that happens without ruining a previous book in the series, damn it! But let me just say that I loved book 3 just as much as the others.  But be prepared, because book 3 is the one that finally had me in tears...don't forget he tissues!
Can you tell how much I enjoyed this series? 

Momma's Recommendation:

I highly recommend this book to readers who enjoy a good brain scramble!  This isn't a dark or highly erotic read, though there is some sex.  But it's full of suspense, angst, drama, and gut wrenching moments!  It has jumped into my top reads of all time!

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