Saturday, April 12, 2014

Forever & Always by Jasinda Wilder

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Momma's Rating
5 emotional stars!

Momma's Review

Have you ever read a book that left you so emotionally raw that you finished the book and just sat there dumbfounded?  That was Forever and Always for me.  Jasinda Wilder has written a book that is strong, emotional, sweet, gut wrenching, erotic, raw and just plain amazing.

One of the things I truly enjoyed about this book was how the story was told, Many of the important things that happen in the story are told by letters from one character to the other and vice versa.  It took it so far past the normal switching of the POV and made you really feel the characters beyond just the story.  My other favorite part was how her writing grew as the characters did.  When the book starts the characters are 15 years old and the writing of the letters reflects their age but as they grow up the writing does too.  This was one of the things that really sucked me in. 

I am not one to really jump to a book if I know it's going to make me cry but I felt like I was in a place that I could handle a tearjerker, I'd heard from multiple blogger friends that it was going to be a killer and it totally was.  The real life situations that happen to the characters ripped my heart out and left me with a horrible ugly cry but if given the chance I would put myself through it again!  I loved this book that much.

Momma's Recommendation

I highly recommend this book to all readers.  Yes, it's an emotional read but totally one worth reading.  There are erotic scenes towards the end of the book, it is definitely not YA and that should be taken into account by a reader.  There are multiple books in the series but they are already out, so while the cliffy is a can jump right into the continuation of the story!

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