Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Quickes

Today is the first official installment of the Friday Quickies!  I read way too many books, I think it may officially be a disease...right!  The problem is that I read so fast that I can't find time to write about all the books that I want to share with I'm starting the Friday Quickies!  This will be the time I can tell you all about what I've read with quick reviews!

To make things quick and easy you can click on any of the cover pics to be sent to the Amazon link for fully synopsis and info! 

*All books below  were received as an ARC for an honest review*

And remember when I told you that I was going to start turning up the heat on Momma Romance?'re welcome!

Charlotte Stein
Release: January 3rd 2011 (re-release)
Pages: 240
4.5 Stars!
Holy wow this book was smoking HOT!  Like so hot I had to jump on voxer and rant to all my blog besties about how hot this book was.  The synopsis just doesn't do it justice!  I was a bit hesitant with the story because the heroine is really aggressive in bed and I tend to prefer my books with a hot alpha male but Charlotte Stein really made it work in a way that left me panting!
I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a well written erotic, steamy standalone!
Issy's Infatuation
Shelley Munro
Release: March 30 2007
Pages: 53
4 Stars
I absolutely love books from Elora's Cave so I jumped at the chance to grab this one from Netgalley.  Issy's Infatuation was a hot quick read at just under 55 pages but don't let the lack of pages fool you.  Just as you would expect from any Elora's Cave book this is extremely HOT.  And one of my favorite parts was there was an actual story involved  Shelley Munro did a great job with getting me to connect with the characters to the point where I was rooting for them.
I recommend this read to anyone who loves erotic books and is looking for a quick read with TONS of steam!
Anna Cruise
Release: May 23, 2013
Pages: 213
4 Stars
So this book hit a total soft spot for me because it's all based in the coastal areas of Southern California and I absolutely adore books that take place in locations that I've lived!
Maverick was a well written read that had a good balance of sweet and steam.  The hero, Kellen, is a cocky alpha male who goes after what he wants, but has an amazing soft side.  The heroine, Gina, is the poor Public Relations rep that gets stuck trying to handle Kellen and becomes the object that he wants.  The best part was watching Kellen start to come to terms with his past and the fact that it wasn't a sudden "I'm all better" moment.
I recommend this read to anyone who loves hot surfer boys, a bit of angst and a bit of steam!
Claiming Her Warriors
Savannah Stuart
Released:  July 21, 2013
Length: Novella, 78 pages
5 Stars
How Savannah Stuart pulled this one off is beyond me!  First, I don't normally read anything EVER.  Second, It's Sci-Fi and I ABSOLUTLEY LOVED it!  Even though it's a novella the only thing more that I wanted was more!  The character development was strong and I found myself falling quickly for both men...and yes I said both!  (did you see the cover....holy hell)  This is a follow up novella to Heated Mating but it follows secondary characters.  I had not read Heated Mating but at no point did I feel lost in the story by not knowing what was going on.  And this book is HOT, I'm a sucker for m/f/m and this one did NOT disappoint.
I highly recommend this book to any reader who loves m/f/m quick reads.  Be prepared to sit in the freezer while reading!
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