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Giving In by Maya Banks

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I had the pleasure of reading Giving In by Maya Banks a few weeks before it released.  I've been a fan of hers for a while now and absolutely loved the Breathless Series (Fever, Rush & Burn).  When I was given a chance to start her newest series, The Surrender Trilogy I jumped on it. You can check out my review of Letting Go, Surrender #1, here. I enjoyed book one and was extremely intrigued by Kylie, Josslyn's BFF and sister in law.  So of course I wanted to read on.

I enjoyed reading the story of Kylie and Jensen but I've been fighting with myself about how to rate the book.  Based on my experience with Maya Banks novels and the type of character backgrounds in this story I thought I knew for sure what was going to happen.  So the problem was that when it when in a totally different direction I was knocked of kilter.  The book was well written, though did move a tad slow at certain parts, and I found myself intrigued by the story.  But because I was expecting something specific to happen I was constantly wanting to read forward to see if it was going to happen.  And then when it didn't come to fruition I wasn't sure what to think.  But of course I can't tell you what that was I go again being cryptic!

That said, I can kind of understand why Maya Banks wrote the story like she did.  It's different.  It's not just another version of her previous stories.  And some parts of the book are unexpected. But the story line seemed a bit forced on the characters, like they weren't following what should have been their natural instincts.  On a side note, the sex scenes in this book were great!  They were totally on point with previous works from the author.

Momma's Recommendation

I can easily recommend this story to readers who enjoy a good love story where the characters overcome serious personal issues.  And the steam level towards the end of the book are is pretty high.

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