Sunday, September 29, 2013

Entry Level Mistress by Sabrina Darby

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Momma's Rating:
3.5 sexy revenge stars!
Momma's Review
*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review*
Entry Level Mistress is the story of Emily Anderson, a young college graduate who is determined to get revenge on the man she believes set her father up 10 years ago and led to her father doing jail time and ultimately destroying her childhood.  But when she comes face to face with the beautiful man who she believes caused her so much pain she starts to falter.
I liked Entry Level Mistress, again this is one that I didn't really read the synopsis.  I knew that it was a revenge plot storyline but after reading some very dark revenge style books lately I was really hoping for a bit more out of this read.  It was a good read but I felt that the actual revenge was a bit lacking.  I was really hoping for more angst and suspicion....more of the "will she or won't she" moments.  And the story felt a little forced because of it.
The Hero:
Daniel Hartman is sexy and romantic.  Not too much of an alpha male but still masculine and slightly demanding.  He doesn't seem like your typical 31 year old billionaire with more of a free spirit and less angry then most other recent written lead characters.
The Heroine:
Emily Anderson is a sweet college grad looking for revenge.  Her character starts out strong and free-spirited.  I started to get frustrated at about the mid way point because she seemed to be losing herself in the hero but as the story progresses she finally comes back to her original self.
Momma's Recommendation:
I really do think that it is a good book that is worth taking the time to read.  I read it in roughly 4.5 hours, but not in one sitting.  At 3.99 it is a bit on the high side for books but it is well written, error free and a sweet story.

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