Monday, September 9, 2013

Truth by Aleatha Romig

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So I read this book back in July, YES July!  I've been so confused about my feelings for Tony that I kept putting off  the review because I just didn't want to go there!  And then yesterday I got a present from Aleatha Romig in the form of an Advanced ARC of Convicted.  Well Shit!  I can't start reading it until I clear Truth out of my head so here we go......
Truth by Aleatha Romig absofuckinglutley wrecked me!  After reading consequences alone I forced my friend Mags to read Truth with me just so I could have someone to freak out with. 
The conversations looked something like this:
Me: Hey Mags...wanna read this book with me
Mags: Sure why not, I was putting it off but I'll do anything for you cause I love you so much.
Me: Ok let's do this
Mags: I'm starting now
Me: Oh holy fucking shit, Mags where are you.  I'm totally freaking the fuck out right now. 
Mags: Me too, did you see that ******** did ********
Me:  YES!!!!  OMG this is the best worst book ever.  I'm dying here!!!!!!!!  Can you believe she ************** and he ***********
Nat (she likes to butt in): Bahahahaha you girls have no idea what's coming up! 
Mags:  I know!!!!!!  I hate Tony so much!!!  Like HATE him!
Me:  WTF Mags!  I'm sorry I pushed you into this.....I love you so damn much for reading this for me! 
Mags; I know you do....and you owe me BIG!
And now back to the book!  While it wrecked me both emotionally and mentally I totally LOVED this book.  I think it is easily my most talked about book this year.  Anytime I find out that someone has read the series I just have to talk about it.  My poor hubs seems to know almost as much as I do now because he's heard all about it. 
This is such an amazing story.  It just whips you around until you don't know which way is up.  You love Claire, and then hate her, you Hate Tony and then you start to like him.  And then there is Harry, and while I didn't love him I have a suspicion it's because the book made me NOT TRUST ANYONE!  I was constantly looking for each characters ulterior motive!
Can you tell I loved this book?  Cause I totally did!  Do I recommend that you read it?  ABSOLUTELY!!!!  Just be prepared to make sure you have someone to talk to about it!  And don't worry....I'm always here to listen if you want to scream about the book!

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