Saturday, September 21, 2013

Come Together (Cityscape #3) by Jessica Hawkins Reveiw & Giveaway

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5 Amazing End to an Amazing Series Stars
Momma's Review
So I've said this a few times this past week but I absolutely LOVED the Cityscape Series by Jessica Hawkins!  All 3 books were very well written and the timing of each book was perfect, the first was a bit slow to start (see my review here.  The Cityscape series is the story of Olivia Germaine, a regular girl who after a chance meeting with a stranger starts to question her safe relationship with her husband.  I won't spoil any of the books for you but know that the angst in these books was really my biggest draw.  Love triangles can be very hard to write but this was executed perfectly.  You never knew what the heroine was going to do and the constant guessing really kept me drawn in the entire time.  Sometimes with trilogy stories you can start to feel like everything is being drawn out but this wasn't.  I was kept on my toes and the end of each book had me instantly emailing Jessica to find out when I could get my hands on the next book. 
One of my favorite things about this third book was the amount of heat!  This is by far the sexiest of the three books and I was literally panting at parts because of it.  I tend to get a bit jaded with the amount of books I read but I wasn't left wanting at any part which is why I easily gave it 5 stars!
I am so happy that I picked up the first book a few months ago!  Jessica Hawkins delivered an amazing story for a new author and she will easily be added to my must read authors list in the future.
Momma's Reccomendation:
I highly recommend this series to anyone who likes romance.  Especially if they get  excited by hot heros, wild sex and more angst that should be legal!

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  1. Kat & Momma Romance -

    Thanks for having me by the blog today! I l-o-o-o-ve your review and am so honored by it. You are right about the fact that this is the SEXIEST of the three books, and you know I had a little more fun writing it than the other two! ;)

    Excited to be here today and I'll be hanging around, checking out your blog (watching Sylvia Day) if anyone has any comments or questions.



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