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Everything For Us by M. Leighton

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Momma's Rating
5 Nashty Stars

Momma's Review
***Caution if you HAVE NOT READ the first two books PLEASE READ THEM BEFORE READING REVIEW.  There is no way to discuss this book without revealing spoilers from the first two!!!!!***

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Last year I found my love of romance novels after reading FSOG.  Immediately after reading it I was dying for more.  I logged onto and the first recommendation that came up was Down To You by M. Leighton.  I figured what the hell, it's got a guys abs on the's gotta be good!  I was so glad I picked it up because I immediately fell in love with Cash & Nash.  I was hooked not only on the books and M. Leighton but it showed me that I was hooked on the genre.  Then I waited for Up To Me and was blown away.  I instantly became a bigger fan of M. Leighton.  A few weeks go by and I hear that there is a plan to write Nash's story and I just about fell out of my chair.  The series was perfect and I never thought that we would get that last little bit of our Bad Boys! 

I absolutely loved Everything For Us.  It was one of those books that I just couldn't put down and I found myself reading it well past midnight!  It was well written and holy shit it was HOT!!! 
The Story
Everything For Us is the third book in The Bad Boys series and the perfect ending to a great storyline.  After reading Down To You I was happy with the ending and felt complete.  But that said, I am so happy that M. Leighton decided to give us Nash's story, it filled a void I didn't know I had and answered so many questions I didn't know to ask.  Not only that but we get more of Cash & Olivia....Bonus! The story is told from the POV of both Nash and Marissa, which I love!  It's not an easy way to write but she writes it so well. 
The Hero
Nash Davenport

So here I sit and I'm totally torn.  Because I LOVED Cash...I mean come on, my dog is named, really.... and yes, after the book!!  But then came the real Nash and wham, I'm all kinds of confused about which way to go.  He's broken by the things he's been subjected to since the death of his mother and doesn't know how to trust anyone, let alone love someone.  But as the story moves on he becomes this hot, caring, domineering, sexy man that I couldn't stop thinking about long after I finished reading.

The Heroine
In the previous books Marissa was such a bitch!  So bad that I actually wasn't too sad about what happened to her at the end of Up To Me.  But she was so different this time around.  She's confused, alone, sweet, shy and finally seems human!  I was gripped by what she was going through and really was fighting for her to finally have a HEA.
The BFF's
Cash & Olivia

So this may have been the best part of the book, finally getting to see Cash & Olivia again!  I loved the ending to the previous book but this just took it to a higher level and I loved it!  We only get glimpses of them because they aren't the main story but if you loved Cash you will love him in this story as well.

The Steam

Props to M. Leighton for bringing it up a notch in Everything For Us.  There are 2 specific scenes in this book that are so fucking hot I actually hat to jump on twitter and send a message to the woman herself to tell her how awesome they were!  I was practically drooling during most of the book, Nash is a beast!
Momma's Recommendation
I highly recommend this book to everyone!  Readers who love romance, suspense, sexy, smutty...this book has everything!  *just please read the first two'll be lost without them!

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