Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Interview with C.C. Brown!

While thinking of things I wanted to do for my 1 year blogiversary I thought it would be fun to go back and interview the author of the first book I ever reviewed on the blog!  So I reached out to C.C. Brown and I'm so happy that she agreed to do it!

It’s officially been just over a year since you first published Red Flags, what has this year been like for you?
Kind of surreal, to be honest.  I am, by no means a huge name in this crazy world, but I have established a solid group of readers that I love and appreciate.  There have been some ups and downs, but each of them has helped me become who I am in this world.  I love it.

Holy crap, you published 4 books in 12 months!  Do you think that your writing style has changed since the first one?
Definitely!  Your writing should always change…. For the better.  I wrote Red Flags on a whim.  I learned a lot from that book and I have been fortunate enough to learn from some pretty awesome authors as well.  We can always grow.  I hope to continue growing.
I’ve noticed that your books have been getting a bit steamier as you continue writing.  Is this something that you were going for?
It wasn’t a priority, but if the story calls for it, then I will go for it. 
Is there one thing that stands out in the last year as your OMG moment?
YES!  When Fraternizing hit the Top 100 on Amazon, my mouth hit the floor.  None of my other books had ever hit that mark.  It was quite overwhelming. J

So let’s backtrack a little, What drove you to write and publish Red Flags? 
I had always wanted to write a book.  I wanted to write that crazy story, but I was working full-time, had two kids, and my husband was on a duty that afforded him little to no spare time.  When we moved to Hawaii, I took myself away from work and decided to stay home with my daughter.  That gave me the time I needed to finally write my book.  And I did it.

Is there anything in the last year that you would have changed?
Honestly, No!  Everything that has happened in the last year has helped me in some way or another.  From bad reviews, to praise, to authors, bloggers, and readers that I have met.  I appreciate all of it.  There is nothing to change.
I’m dying to read more in the Fraternizing series, can you tell us what’s in store for C.C. Brown in 2014?
Compromising is coming SOON! J  It is the conclusion to Alex and Cassie’s story.  Some people thought their story should have ended in Fraternizing, but the military lifestyle and culture is so unique, that I have more in store for them that gets them outside of that school house environment. 
Also, fan favorite, Riley, will get his own book.  I don’t have a title for that just yet.  AND…. The character we all love to hate, Jensen, will get his own book.  His love interest might shock some readers. Lol

Time for some fun, I know you’re a diehard Seahawks fan so let’s play a special football version of would You Rather:

Wear a Niners Jersey or run naked in public? Run ass naked in public!

Read or watch football? Eeeeekkkk….. don’t kill me… football takes precedence. (runs and hides)

Watch Green Bay in the Super Bowl or get a root canal?  Watch Green Bay.  I have no issues with that team. Lol

Have Tebow on the Seahawks or pay $8 for a gallon of milk?  Pay $8 for a gallon of milk. J  Nice guy, just love my team as is. J

Have your TV go out or your Kindle battery die?  As long as football isn’t on, TV go out! Lol
I'd  like to send a Huge thank you to C.C. Brown, not only for doing the interview but also for being an amazing person.  I absolutely adore her as a person and an author and wish for more amazing things in her future!!!

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