Monday, January 20, 2014

1 Year Blogiversary


So I've written and erased this post at least 3 times....but I'm out of coffee so it's time to get my ass in gear!
One year ago this month I decided to start a blog.  Why? I have absolutely no idea....just kidding!!!  I was looking for an outlet, looking for other women like me who had too many book boyfriends and stayed in on Fridays to read!  It started as a silly idea that has slowly grown into an obsession.  So as a way to say thank you to all of my readers I joined with  Sandie, Dee & Shannon of Book Boyfriend Reviews and Natalee & Keelie of Read This Hear That to bring you an amazing giveaway!
Thank you to all the authors over the past year who have not only sent books into the blog for review but to many who have become close friends of mine.  You've shared your books, listened to my recommendations and talked me down when books ended in crazy cliffhangers.  Without you I'd just be a crazy lad with nothing to talk about!  And a very special thank you to the 60+ authors who donated to this giveaway, we reached out to all of you and were completely overwhelmed by the response!
To all my readers and followers, the fact that anyone actually reads the blog still astounds me to this day.  I get emails from you weekly thanking me for helping you find your next book and I love every email I get.  While standing in line for a book signing a reader once recognized me and told how much they loved my response was "are you serious!"  I'm just me and the fact that people like my stuff makes me smile daily!
To Kitten & Shawna, you two are new to the blog but I am so very happy to have both of you on board!  I am so thankful for everything that the two of you do and I promise that I'll eventually get better at relinquishing control.........eventually ;)
To my HoeTrain, Sandie, Nat A, Nat G and Mal....I am absolutely in LOVE with all of you.  If I wasn't married with two kids I'd marry all four of you!  The fact that we met on twitter and then became so close that I talk to you girls more than I talk to anyone else is amazing.  I turn to you girls for personal problems, book drama and just about everything else in life.  You girls really do keep me sane and keep me from jumping the blogger ship monthly!
And now I'm about to make my own damn self cry!  Thank you again to all of you and for sticking with me on this crazy ride and buckle up cause this next year should be just as crazy!
Oh and on a side note, as a thank you to all those international readers we've included a special giveaway for you as well with a nice package of ebooks! (scroll to the end of the post)

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