Monday, January 7, 2013

Red Flags by C.C. Brown

Cara Pinkston, a 21 year old San Diego native, wants nothing more than to complete her final semester of college quietly and peacefully. A normally focused and reserved student, she becomes flustered after meeting her incredibly good-looking and wealthy classmate, Jason Bradley. Jason wants Cara, and pursues her aggressively. A reluctant Cara gives in to him and is thrust into a fast paced, emotionally charged, roller coaster relationship. She has to decide if the flutters she feels are blissful butterflies or warning signs. Will Cara follow her lustful heart, or will she pay attention to the Red Flags?

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My Rating: 4 STARS

I've been waiting for a few weeks to figure out which book I wanted to do my first official blog review on.  I've read so many books lately that they were all starting to blur together.  Then a few days ago I entered a contest on C.C. Brown's Facebook Page and won a free copy of Red Flags!  So I guess the decision was made for me!

I'm really split on what I thought of the book.  As many other readers have written, I found myself hating it for the first few chapters.  Things went from 0-100 way to quickly for my taste.  I prefer a hero to at least have to do some talking before taking the h to bed but Jason and Cara just jumped right in.  Not to mention the fact that he is a condescending ass.  No women in there right mind would be ok with anyone telling them what to do after only just meeting.  I really love strong alpha males in my novels but Jason was a bit too much of an Arse for me!

That said, I couldn't put the book down which is why I gave it 4 stars. Once I pushed myself to get through the frustrating parts I actually started to enjoy the characters. There was some very good foreshadowing that turned the story into a great cliffhanger and some very unexpected turns as well. I think if some of the secrets would have been leaked earlier in the book then it would have pushed me to have a bit more understanding when it came to Jason's outbursts. But I still found myself yelling at my iPad more than once for Cara to just stop freaking running away and to just stand her ground! 

There were some very steamy love scenes but I kept wishing for something more......I'm still not sure what it is I was hoping they would do but there didn't seem to be a good balance between love making a hardcore sex.

All in all I would recommend the book to other readers and suggest they try to hold off on a full opinion of Jason until the story is laid you 100% Much of what is disclosed in the last chapter explains why he reacts to things the way he does and treats her how he does, even if it is crappy. I will be waiting for the 2nd book because I'm dying to find out what happens between Jason and Cara. But I still want to know why Cara's brother, Ryan, hates Chase so much. I have a feeling there is much more in store for the second, but I hope this doesn't turn into a trilogy.

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