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Review: Carter Reed by Tijan

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Momma's Rating:

4.5 Holy Carter Reed Stars!
Momma's Review:
*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review*
Holy WOW!  That's really the only way to describe Carter Reed by Tijan.  I was completely blindsided by Carter, because as always I went into this story completely blind.  Carter Reed by Tijan has suspense, romance, hot sex and just a bit of angst, it's the perfect combination to keep you glued to your reader for hours.  At one point I stayed up well past 3am and only stopped because I literally passed out and woke up with my face smashed in my iPad!
The story between Emma and Carter is interesting and progresses very quickly.  They have known each other since they were both very young and when Emma gets into serious trouble she turns to the only person she can trust, Carter Reed.  My only wish for this book was that we saw more of the relationship between Emma and Carter when they were young.  I think it would have helped build the characters current relationship and would have made the story just that much more believable.  There are flashbacks, but I felt like the relationship was a tad rushed because you didn't "feel" the previous relationship.  That's the only reason this book didn't get a full 5 stars.  Aside from that point it is a well written story and in a sea of romance novels with billionaire boyfriends it's a great spin on a classic story.  Not to mention the steam between the two about HOT!
Momma's Recommendation:
I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good romance with a bit of suspense.  I definitely wouldn't classify it as a dark romance.  It has just enough of a thrill to it to keep you reading!


"It was you that time before," I gasped as Carter's lips brushed against my neck. He lingered on my pulse. His tongue swept against it as I tried to turn around to him. I needed to feel him against me, between my legs, but his arms tightened around me. He moved behind me and pressed into me.

He murmured against my skin, "It was me."

I clasped a hand over his on the other side of my neck and held it there, claiming him, as I turned in his arms. His hand slid across the front of me and I saw him. His eyes were dark with lust and need. I knew he saw the same in me, but I didn't care any longer. I needed him, but I remembered that night. My roommate left and I'd been alone until I felt someone behind me. The liquor in me hadn't been enough to turn off all my inhibitions, but they had helped. My skin sizzled as I thought of that night again, how it had been him behind me.

He whispered against my skin as he lowered his head, "I was in the security room. I saw you on the cameras and couldn't help myself." His arms slid around to my back. He pressed a hand to my hip and anchored me against him.

I gasped as he pressed his hips into me, but then he lifted and carried me to the corner.

It was the same as that night.

He held me suspended in the air, so I wound my legs around his waist. I felt him even more against me and then his hands slid under the edge of my dress, to the inside of my thighs. He felt the string of my thong, in the apex between my legs, and started to rub against it.

Desire and pleasure rushed through me. I was feverish for him. I held on, urging him to do more. My hips began to move in rhythm with his hand and it wasn't long before he swept my dress up and his hand was against my skin.

"Carter," I whispered, my back and throat arched for him.

He placed a kiss there, licking.
-Carter Reed, Tijan

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