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Blog Tour: Deep Haven by TK Tuitt Review, Excerpt & Giveaway

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Thunder McLeod lives his life by one code: live today for tomorrow is never guaranteed. Ex-Special Ops with a dark cloud hanging over his life and a dark past he can’t seem to shake, Thunder has given up on ever finding true happiness after losing something precious. Then he receives the call that will forever change his desolate, guarded existence. His company ‘McLeod Security Firm’ is called in, all hands on deck, to keep flying bullets away from his newest client -the woman that will change everything about his life.

Ivy Snow, computer genius extraordinaire, needs a new change of scenery away from her birth country, England. Living a lonely existence, she decides a change is inevitable. Always fascinated by the charm of the US, she gathers the courage to move there permanently, settling in Blue River, a small town in Montana.

There, she finds solace until her secret weapon is uncovered by a dangerous criminal who will stop at nothing to get his hands on her creation. Then she meets her new protector.

Thunder’s determined more than ever to keep Ivy safe and secure. Ivy, not accustomed to a man like Thunder, must fight to stay alive and unravel the most beautiful man she’s ever had the fortune of meeting.

One soul shattering mistake may cost Thunder the one thing he would give his life for. Can Ivy save Thunder from the thing that haunts him to this day?

This is book one in the ‘Secure Me series’.

**Recommended for ages 18+**
*ARC received in exchange for an honest review*
Let me start by disclosing that I absolutely LOVE TK Tuitt!  When I first started blogging she helped me navigate the crazy facebook waters and was one of the first blogs to help pimp my page, not only that but she's been a great friend!
I really enjoyed Deep Haven and the story of Ivy and Thunder.  For her first novel TK Tuitt gives us a great story full of suspense, romance and steam!  The plotline was very intriguing as I am a sucker for a strong alpha male, throw in the fact that they are ex-military and talk about a total swoon! 
One thing to take into account that the heroine is British and for some readers it may be hard to catch up with some of the slang terms but as you start to get to know Ivy it really flows and almost becomes something that you don't even notice.  And I loved reading with a cute British accent in my head!  T.K did a great job with keeping the characters in their proper slang.  I absolutely hate when an American character starts using British Slang and vice-versa, unless it's done because of part of the story.  At no point did I ever find that the characters were using the wrong style or lingo.
And Thunder......oh hell his name says it all!  Hot, Alpha, Strong, Sexy and did I mention military....cause CRAP!  He's like my dream hero wrapped in bacon <------did I really just say that! 
I decided to give the book 3.5 stars only based on the fact that there were a few small hiccups in the book.  But they really didn't detract from the story and I really see TK growing as an author and giving us more amazing books in the Secure Me series!
I can easily recommend this to any reader who enjoys a hot hero, suspense and tons of romance!

Lost in cyber world, I didn’t notice the time that had lapsed by. I didn’t even hear Thunder entering my office. I felt him though; his energy filled the room and cocooned me within its folds.
Looking up from what I was engrossed in, I see him leaning against the doorframe, his long legs crossed at the ankles and his arms crossed over his chest. A look so haunting covered his beautiful face.
We stared at each other for a little while before he straightened and walked over to me. He stood behind me, placing his hands on my shoulders and starting to massage them. I moaned with relief as his strong fingers worked on the knots of my achy and sore flesh.
His lips brushed ever so lightly on neck and then he whispered softly in my ear, “Dinner’s ready, baby.”
I leaned fully into my chair and turned my head so I could look at him upside down. His head lowered slowly, like in the movies. Just before our lips met, the song we heard together earlier played from my iPod and he stopped an inch from my lips. “You downloaded our song?” he asked, surprise written all over his face.
Our song?
“Yes, I made a mental note to download it when I got home.” As soon as I uttered the last word, his mouth claimed my lips.
This kiss was demanding, wet and arousing. I grabbed a fistful of his silky hair and pulled him down, my mouth demanding more of his.
He promised to teach me the art of lovemaking and boy was he sticking to his word. He was making love to me with his mouth alone. A whimper passed through my lips and he sucked it in, like a hungry vortex.
A very loud knock penetrated my brain and I moaned in frustration.
Thunder’s guttural string of profanities made me blush bright red. To say he wasn’t happy with the interruption would be an understatement.
“Fucking cock blockers. Somebody better be fucking dying or dead or I’m going to skin whoever that is alive.” He growled through clenched teeth, and then he was stalking from the office.
God help whoever that was out there. It better be life or death because he’s seriously pissed.
I followed him and reached the living room just as he swung the door open with deadly force. I wrapped my arms protectively around my waist and moved closer to see who was at the door.
Bloody hell, another one?
Standing out there was a Greek god, best described from Greek mythology.
He was the same height as Thunder and built like him, but with more muscles, if that was humanly possible. His thighs reminded me of tree trunks and those legs went on and on for miles, leading straight to the narrowest waist I’d ever seen.
The print out of his chest through his skin tight t-shirt reminded me of King Kong’s chest when he was beating on it. Intense hazel eyes stared at me over a perfectly formed nose. His strong facial features would make any model envious. Golden, olive skin indicated he was of Puerto Rican origin.
“Alec, this better be good, man.” Thunder greeted him harshly.
He didn’t even flinch.
This bloke was a badass from the baddest of bad asses.
“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t need to be.” His deep, husky voice blasted through me.
“Fuck! Come in.” Thunder said, turning to come and stand at my side.
“Alec, meet Ivy Snow. Ivy, this is Alec Suarez. He’s a Bounty Hunter.”
“Do the rest of them look like him? Tell me now so I can prepare myself.” I whispered loudly to Thunder, not taking my eyes off of the Greek god standing in my living room.
A mischievous grin formed on his lips. At the same time I heard Thunder’s growl over my head.
“Fucking hell, Ivy. Are you going to ogle him for the rest of the night?”
“Well, if he stands there all night, who knows?!”
Alec’s grin turned into a huge smile and he crossed his arms over his chest and looked at Thunder.
“Now I understand what Wade and Walker meant.”
Looking up at Thunder, I see he too wore a smile.
Frowning, I asked him, “What does he mean?”
“Since you’re standing there staring at him why don’t you ask him that. Don’t ask me, you’re not ogling me.” he said with laughter bubbling in his voice.
“Bite me!” I snapped, stepping away from his side.
Catching me by my neck, he pulled me back to side and whispered for my ears only, “Careful what you wish for, Petal, because tonight I am your genie.”
Oh my God! Major system overload.
My cheeks heated up and I bent my head to hide the blush from our guest.
Chuckling, Thunder moved so he was now blocking me with his body from Alec. He tipped my chin up with his forefinger and smiled gently down at me. “Dinner’s in the oven, you wanna go share it up? Let me talk to Alec.”
“Is he here about me?”
“Yes, he is. I will fill you in as soon as he briefs me, ok?”
“Ok.” I whispered.
I leaned around Thunder’s bulk and asked Alec, “Do you want something to drink before you guys start discussing whatever your came here to discuss?”
“Sure, you got any beer?” he asked.
Scrunching up my nose in disgust, I shook my head sharply. “I don’t drink that nasty stuff, but he does.” I informed him with my forefinger pointed at Thunder.
Pulling my head back and looking back to Thunder, I asked him, “You bought beer, right?”
Smile still in place, he answered with, “Yeah, in the fridge. Can you grab me one too?”
“Sure. Be back in a jiffy.” I announced before turning to walk towards the kitchen.
As I drew closer to the kitchen, I could smell something so delicious that; my taste buds started watering. Instead of the fridge, I walked towards the oven and opened it.
He’d cooked me lasagne.
Lasagne was one of my favourite dishes. Aunt Moira used to make it every week for me. The only thing I could remember clearly about my mum was the mouth-watering lasagne she made. She always used to allow me in the kitchen to help her but I always ended up eating more cheese than I did helping her prepare it. Thinking about her always made me sad so I pushed the memories to the back of my mind and walked to the fridge to get the beers.
I grabbed two beers and noticed there was two bottles of white wine chilling next to them. Both bottles looked super expensive, so I check the labels and my eyes bugged out of my head. Not only were they name brand but the price tag that accompanied them, would make even my bank account protest.
Inch by inch this man was claiming me, mind, body and soul.
I returned to the living room and handed off the beers before exiting again for the kitchen to dish out our food.
The lasagne not only smelled good but looked amazing. I wanted to eat the whole lot.
I put out place mats on the island and laid our plates down. I went to get cutlery and just as I closed the draw, Thunder walked into the kitchen. The look on his face letting me know he’d come to deliver bad news.
He stopped in front of me and cupped my face in his hands. “I gotta go to work, baby. I’m sorry I can’t stay and eat dinner with you.”
My face dropped and the disappointment I was feeling shows for him to see. My mind was made up; I was ready for what was about to take place tonight. I had conquered my fear about us becoming intimate and now; it was all for nothing.
“Ivy, look at me.” he whispered softly. I looked into his eyes and see the regret warring there. “We’ll have other nights, baby. But what’s going on with you, it needs my attention now. I want to get this fucker off your back so I can lay you down on it. I’ve had about enough of men shooting at you, aiming to kill. I’m going out so I can get to the bottom of who’s trying to kill you and stop him...permanently.”
“How are you going to stop him? He’s dangerous. He’s proved how dangerous he is already.”
“I will stop him by any means necessary. He thinks he’s dangerous, but he hasn’t met me yet, Petal.”
When he said this, his whole face turned dark with rage. It was scary to see. I stepped into his body and wrapped my arms tightly around his waist. His arms circled around and hugged me snugly into his warm, hard body. We fitted together perfectly, like two missing pieces to a magnificent puzzle.
Breaking our connection, he kissed my temple. “Wade’s coming to stay with you. I’ll be back as soon as I can.” He kissed me briefly on the lips then he walked out of the kitchen.
Standing alone in the room, I licked my lips, still tasting him there. I sat down and started eating.
 Half way through my lasagne, Wade strolled into the kitchen and made himself at home, grinning at me all the while. Sitting on the stool across from me, he hijacked the plate of food I had laid out for Thunder and dives right in.
A few bites in, he stopped, “You met our hulk?”
My eyes bulge as I tried to catch his meaning. Then it dawned on me. He must be talking about Alec.
Laughing at his whacky sense of humour, I asked, “You mean the Greek god that graced us with his presence. Yeah, I met him. Doesn’t say much does he?”
“Nope, he lets his fists do the talking ninety nine percent of the time. He only talks when he must.”
“He works for Thunder too? I thought he’s a Bounty Hunter?”
“He is and he does. The team is...let’s just say multi everything.”
“What does that mean?”
“Now if I told you that, I’d have to kill you.” He laughed and winked at me.
“Sod off.”
“What does that mean?”
“If I told you that, I’d have to kill you.” I fired his words back at him.
Wade’s laughter echoed around my kitchen and as I watched him, a smile also spread across my face.
When he’s able to stop, he smiled at me and stated simply, “I like you.”
“I like me, too.” I smiled sweetly at him.

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