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Almost Eighteen (The Wilson Mooney Series) by Gretchen de la O
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Abandoned by her mother at the vulnerable age of eight; only to be shipped off to a boarding school in Northern California by her grandparents, Wilson Mooney, is one girl who knows what it’s like to have to grow up way too fast. Now, a month away from turning eighteen and orphaned by the death of her grandparents; she knows exactly what she wants. All it takes is a spontaneous ski trip with her narcissistic roommate to Colorado to make it a reality. When "he" happens to show up at a party in Aspen, Wilson becomes tangled in the powerful emotions of first love, sexual inexperience, and society’s principles. She lives a whirlwind weekend filled with newly discovered boundaries, calloused aches for a family she never had, and all the pressures of keeping their weekend together a secret.

Momma's Review
I had the pleasure of meeting Gretchen de la O at the Naughty Mafia Rocks Vegas event this past August and she was most definitely one of the stand out personalities that I met during that event.  Then fast forward to November and I ran into her again at the Rockin Holidays Indie Reader Bash and I think I may have fallen in love with her!  She's one of those personalities that is so big that you can't help to be drawn in and a group of us ended up chatting for hours.  So of course I just HAD to read her debut books, The Wilson Mooney Series.
To tell you the truth one of the reasons I hadn't read the book yet was because the title led me to believe that the book was more of a YA novel and I can only handle a few true YAs a year.  But when she updated the cover it definitely put it on my radar and I had to find out more.
Almost Eighteen by Gretchen de la O is a well written story about forbidden romance and doing what it takes to get what you want.  The author does an amazing job of walking a very fine line between young romance and "taboo." Because of the age of the characters it would have been very easy to go "too far" and make it a book that many would have found uncomfortable.  But the way she wrote it really made you want to stick up for them and push for a HEA. 
There were a few times in the story I had to remind myself of how young the heroine is, at times she sounded like any other 20 something and other times like a teenager.  Her character is complicated by the fact that she had to grow up much faster with the loss of mother and the subsequent stay in boarding school.
Overall I really enjoyed book one in this series.  I couldn't put it down and ended up reading it in one day.  Not only that but I immediately picked up and went right into the next book!
Momma's Recommendation
I highly recommend this book and the series will easily take a spot in my favorite reads of this year.  And the best part.....while this book does have a cliffy, books 2 & 3 are already out!



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  1. This looks like a great read! Awesome review :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughtful review. Almost Eighteen has been on my radar and I'm glad to see you enjoyed it. :)


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