Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Consequences by Aleatha Romig

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5 Holy Fuck...that just happened Stars
So I finished Consequences by Aleatha Romig a few days ago and holy shit!  I've literally been sitting here for days with a feeling that I almost can't explain.  It's kind of like a book hangover but kind of like a feeling of complete shock!  This book literally twisted me around, flipped me over and then knocked me on my ass!  But damn it if it wasn't TOTALLY worth every second of it.

There are not many books that have made me have a physical reaction but Consequences by Aleatha Romig has mad my short list!  It's like an awesome thriller movie, every time I thought I was comfortable the story took a turn that made me want to scream or throw my iPad!

So I can't quiet decide if Aleatha Romig is Evil or a genius....maybe she's just an Evil genius!  The story is dark, twisted and perfectly written.  There wasn't anything about the actual story that I would have changed!


Anthony Rawlings

Ok, well I don't know if you could call him a hero.  Let's just call him the main lead.  Oh boy, where do I even start with Mr. Tony Rawlings.  I hate him.....I think, no I totally hate him!  That's why this book is so freaking awesome.  Cause I really have no fucking clue how I feel about Tony.  One minute I want to kick him in the balls and the next minute I'm falling for him and then BAM, I wanna kick him in the balls again!  He angry, scary, frustrating, sexy,  and so totally fucked up.  Shit....I can't explain him......you really need to read this book!

Claire Nichols
I liked Claire's character.  She's strong, independent and willing to do what is necessary to survive.  Even though she is put into a situation that is so far beyond her control she stays strong and finds a way to just live each day.  I will admit that I did yell at her more than once while reading and a few times I wanted to reach in and just save her from all of the crap that she was going through!


I recommend this book, like scream it from the roof top recommend this book.  But....and this is a big but!  There are scenes of abuse (physical and mental) and rape, if these things are a trigger for you then please be forewarned and read the synopsis fully before reading!

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