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Forgetting by J.L. Brooks

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Release Date January 13, 2014
Length 221 pages
Price $2.99 (verified on post date)

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Stella Brady was the epitome of indulgence. With a history of seducing gorgeous men, wrecking hotel rooms and provoking scandalous rumors, fame rewarded her extravagant behavior. Nothing was off limits when it came to gratifying her desires, except the one thing she craved most of all-anonymity. 
In a strange twist of fate, a tragic accident robs Stella of all memories past the age of seventeen and she must reconcile the person she has become with the phantom of who she is supposed to be. 
Trapped in a limbo of his own, Navy officer Julian Moreau has taken leave and returned to his childhood home in order to care for his dying mother. Growing restless with a life on hold, nothing could prepare him for the impossible. Stella Brady had returned to Mooresville. 
Despite a decade of separation and hopeless circumstances, neither is able to deny the irresistible attraction and connection they share. As each layer of the past unravels, they must decide if falling in love could lead to a lifetime of happiness, or one worth forgetting.

Momma's Review

I was so excited when I was offered a chance to be one of the first people to read Forgetting by J.L. Brooks.  Not only is she one of my favorite authors but she is also one of my favorite people in this crazy book world, so of course I jumped at the chance.  To say that I have been in a reading funk would be an understatement.  I haven't been able to complete a book in over 6 months :::gasp::: but this book just blew through all of my reading barriers and gave me my love of reading back not only that but I wanted to blog again!

Forgetting is one of those books that no matter what your mood you'll find yourself getting sucked in.  My absolute favorite fact was that it was so real.  I never felt like the characters were being forced to do what the author wanted but instead it flowed beautifully and felt authentic.  It really truly is a great adult romance read.  And that about not seeing that coming!  I may or may not have sent her nasty gram after that one.

It's not just a romance novel and it's not just about finding ones self after getting off course, it's a wonderful merge of both.  We get to see Stella grow in so many ways and finally see things for what they really are, not how she had perceived them.

Forgetting by J.L. Brooks is a brilliantly written story of love, loss and finding your way home.

Momma's Reccomendation

I would highly recommend this book for anyone who loves a good romance novel with second chance love.  The steam factor is there but it isn't a  "smutty" book by any means.  Just enough sex to keep you excited but not too much!

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