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Review: Dirty Angels by Karina Halle

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6 Fucking Insane Stars!
 Momma's Review

I seriously don't even know where to start with this book.  I was on the verge of uploading 100 gifs just to try and explain how I felt while reading this story, but even then it didn't seem to do it justice.  I'll start by saying that I am so in love with Karina Halle that it she hadn't recently gotten married I would be begging her to marry me!  From the moment I started Sins & Needles last year I was hooked and knew that I would be a fangirl forever.

Ok....I'm feeling better now.  When I first heard that Karina Halle was going to tell Javier's story in Dirty Angels I wasn't sure how I felt.  At first I was excited but then I started to get nervous.  We've all seen it happen before, an author has a successful series and then does a spinoff that isn't quite as good, something is just lacking. Karina Halle knocked this one over the fucking fence.  She took a character who, while a prominent character, was a bit of a conundrum in the previous books (yes I know, not including On Every Street).  We knew who he was, knew why Ellie hated him and loved him, knew the kind of person he was.  But we only got a glimpse of what he was really made of.  In Dirty Angels you finally get to see all of Javier, his need to control, his pain, his crazy thoughts.  And I absolutely fell in love with him all over again.
Can you tell that I absolutely LOVED this book?  It's the first book in a very long time that I haven't found a damn thing wrong with a book.  I'm trying so hard to write a well thought and eloquent review but all my brain is saying is Squeeeeeeee!

Momma's Reccomendation:

Ok, so I can admit that I have a problem.  I love fucked up characters.  I love the kidnappers, the murders, the tattooed covered MC badass.....but I'm ok with that!  And here's the thing, many people don't know what to expect with this book.  Did Karina Halle push the envelope, YES!  But I really don't think that she took it too far.  Everything in the book absolutely needed to happen, every gory, bloody detail needed to happen.  If you are not a fan of dark and disturbing then I can easily say proceed with caution. But if you happen to be like me, and like books like Captive in the Dark or Tears of Tess than I can easily recommend this book!
Momma's Favorite Quotes:
“But I saw nothing in her except this fire that burned deep within her eyes. I wanted to taste that fire on my lips, I wanted to fuck it with my dick. I wanted to feel it in every way I could. I wanted to bring the fire out of her.”
― Karina Halle, Dirty Angels
“He wore a mask of elegance and indifference, his unusually handsome features taking on the appearance of a sculpture. But I had no idea what the artist was trying to say: Here’s a man in denial? Here’s a man without a soul? Here’s a man who will build empires and legacies, whose pride shaped the land? Or here is a man who for once in his life, doesn’t know who he is?”
― Karina Halle, Dirty Angels

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  1. Kat, I am in the middle of reading this book. I was hesitant to start the book and I kind of still don't want to read it because of the hard scenes I know are still to come but I am liking this book. This morning I was avoiding it and doing other things not to come and sit here at the computer or open the Kindle on my phone because I don't want to read what he is going to do to her but now I do want to know.
    I liked your comments above and I was laughing. It kinda made me laugh when he said, "I'm not a savage". I thought about you while reading this book and I remembered you said the book "is amazing".


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